How To Master the Art of Video Calling for Recruitment

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( — February 24, 2021) — During the normal recruitment process, interviewing offers the employer or interim recruiter and the candidate the ideal opportunity to get to know one another. In the last 12 months, however, recruitment has moved online along with most of our working lives. 

Getting an interview right over a video call can be tricky. Patchy broadband connections, incompatible software and under-managed expectations can all lead to a confusing video interview and the loss of a potentially great candidate. 

With so many candidates now looking for jobs and the unemployment rate set to rise, mastering the art of video interviews is essential to find great candidates.

Connect via widely used software

There are now numerous platforms you can use for video calling – Skype, Zoom, Google Meets – making it vital you select one that works for you and inform the candidate which platform you will need them to use. Give your candidate enough notice to download and familiarise themselves with the software.

Conduct a test run with a colleague

If you are using a new video calling software to conduct your interviews, try taking it for a test run with one of your colleagues to get used to how it works. It could also be worth testing out where you can get the strongest Wi-Fi signal in your home.

Look professional and speak clearly

You, just like your candidates, are probably working from home too, but that is no excuse to present yourself as you would on your day off. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for your job, and speak clearly so the candidate does not lose your questions or miss a joke.

Prepare the candidate with an overview

To make sure things run smoothly and on time, give your candidate a brief overview of how the interview will take place and what it will be like. For example, is it an informal chat or a meeting with senior management? The better prepared they are the better they’ll perform.

Give the candidate a thorough job description

It is unlikely you were able to give a complete job description on the job posting, so help your candidates out by providing a full description before their interview. This will also help you weed out unsuitable candidates, as a full job description will help them understand the employer’s expectations.

Put the candidate at ease and listen

It can be difficult to have an interview from home, especially if you have a family and young children. Put your candidate at ease by asking if they need to talk during specific times and be understanding about a candidate’s circumstances. You benefit from candidates at their best after all.