Simpsonville SC Auto Window Tint Ceramic UV Protective Film Package Updated

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Perfect Darkness Tint of Simpsonville, SC updates its line of affordable nano-ceramic window tint packages. The new ceramic car tint films offer 98% infrared rejection and 99.9% UV protection.

Simpsonville, SC auto window tint specialist Perfect Darkness Tint has updated its line of UV protective film packages. The company’s nano-ceramic automotive window films block ultraviolet and infrared rays, keeping interiors cool and protecting occupants.

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The top-rated Simpsonville, Greenville County SC window tinting company has updated its installation packages and now offers competitive prices on nano-ceramic films for the front driver and passenger windows and full tint packages. Nano-ceramic film blocks up to 99.9 percent of UV-A and UV-B rays and has up to a 98 percent heat rejection rate.

Skilled car window tinting professionals ensure all windows tint films comply with local and state laws. The updated window tint film package covers the installation of a high-quality nano-ceramic film on 2 front driver and passenger doors or a full vehicle tint package.

Nano-ceramic window films are infused with two layers of ceramic nanoparticles that minimize glare and improve impact resistance. Automotive window tinting protects occupants and vehicle interiors from heat and ultraviolet rays. Perfect Darkness Tint only uses films that are certified by The Skin Cancer Foundation.

The Simpsonville, SC car window tint film installers use zero-dye films that are non-metalized and are guaranteed never to fade or change color. The company avoids the use of metalized films that may interfere with car radios or navigation systems. All products are covered by a lifetime warranty.

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Perfect Darkness Tint also offers safe, responsive, and affordable mobile window tinting services for Residential and Commercial anywhere in Simpsonville and Greenville. Window tinting experts use the latest equipment and installation techniques to prevent tint film bubbles, peeling, or sticky tints.

According to a spokesperson for the Simpsonville, SC window tint film installers, “We are excited to showcase the latest in nano-ceramic auto tint films. Our updated installation packages are affordable and backed by our service excellence guarantee.”

Founded in 2006, Perfect Darkness Tint is a full-service automotive, residential, and commercial window tinting company with more than 20 years of industry experience. Headed by CEO Jeremy Creager, the company serves businesses in Greenville, Simpsonville, Easly, Greer, and the greater Upstate area. Customers can now book their auto window tinting services online 24×7.

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