Pinner UK Lasting Powers Of Attorney LPA Guidance Consultants Services Launched

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Pinner, London: lasting powers of attorney document specialists LPA Now launch updated range of phone based LPA guidance services. A convenient way for clients to apply for LPA documents.

LPA Now, lasting powers of attorney document specialists are bringing a new service to Pinner, in London. The company has announced the launch of an updated range of their hybrid phone and face to face LPA guidance services. The company specialises in providing the public with an LPA consultancy service that ensures a successful submission.

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The company’s updated LPA guidance services aim to provide clients with a convenient way to apply for LPA documents through the guidance of LPA Now’s network of field agents.

An LPA is a legal document that allows a person or ‘donor’ to appoint one or more people or ‘attorneys’ to make decisions on their finances, and/or their health and welfare: in the unfortunate event of losing their capacity to make their own decisions.

Due to the legal importance of the LPA, the company provides their clients with valuable guidance. Assistance can be provided in three ways: Telephone Service, Home Visit or Hybrid Service

With the telephone service, clients can simply pass the necessary information over the phone. LPA Now’s specialist staff will create a set of LPA documents based on the information given by the donor or their attorney. The documents are then posted to the donors for signatures. Next, they are posted back to the company for final checking and approval before submission to the Office of the Public Guardian for registration.

With the hybrid service the client’s information is gathered over the phone and the agents arrange for a meeting with the clients where they can properly guide them through the signature process. Customers frequently comment that the in person guidance was reassuring and exceptionally good value for a legal document.

The agents may also act as the certificate provider and as witness to the signing of the documents.

The third option is the home visit LPA service. A meeting at the donor’s home will be arranged where the company’s agents can discuss at length what the donors will require in their LPAs. Donors can bring along their attorneys during this meeting so they too can be informed of all legalities and obligations. Once this information has been obtained the agent goes back to his office to draft the documents before returning to complete the signing process. With this service, the agents may act as the certificate providers and witnesses to the signing of the documents.

More information about LPA Now’s guidance services are available over the phone at +44 333-696-5858 or by visiting the website links above.