Why the US Military Recruits Esports Players

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(Newswire.net — February 26, 2021) — The US military is particularly keen on recruiting esports players. Have you asked yourself why, though? Recruiting a gamer for the army is not the same as placing a CS: GO bet at websites such as https://csgobettingz.com/, is it?

Yet, the US military believes that gamers are not squandering their time. In fact, they may be the soldiers of the future, and here is why. 

1. Reflexes Do Matter

Advanced players in video games such as Counter-Strike Global Offensive develop reflexes that are close to that of a well-trained real-world soldier. This alone puts gamers very high on the military’s to-recruit list. 

In fact, reflexes have to do as much with mental training as they do with physical prowess. As more military assets become remotely operated, having someone who is quick of thought and can act quickly is important.

2. Passion for Warfare

It may sound terrible, but a passion for warfare is what defines most gamers who excel at army games. They are not necessarily out there to punish civilians. Rather, players are focused on defeating the enemy’s team, and that is precisely what the US military needs, and hence why the recruitment drive is strong.

3. Analytical Thinking

Gamers are not just about reflexes. In fact, they are great thinkers. You may think that a person who plays CS: GO or Valorant is all about reacting quicker than their opponents, but there is a fair degree of strategy involved. 

A player’s ability to devise strategies and analytically predict their opponents’ strategy will naturally have the upper hand in addressing a threat – whether in the game or on a battlefield or so the logic goes. 

4. Doing Well Under Pressure 

Professional video gamers are not unlike soldiers. While they do not actually fear for their lives, studies show that gamers treat every match-up in games like Call of Duty, CS: GO, and Valorant as real experiences.

In other words, players do not want to die in a game just as much as they don’t want to die in real life. This makes them play under some pressure but also cope with the threat. Naturally, not all succeed in doing this too well, but many do, and these are the recruitable type the military is after. 

5. Gamers Can Make the Army More Diverse

While a fully-fledged military thinks only in war terms, gamers may bring in creativity stemming from an innate desire for peace, despite the belligerent games they play. Diversity has already led to successes in the corporate world, so why wouldn’t it work in the military? Recruiting gamers may be the key to unlocking the super soldiers of the future and the US military are quite keen to do just that.