How Foundation Problems Affect Your Home

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( — February 28, 2021) — When your foundation begins to cause problems,  you may notice small changes in your home. Homeowners should learn to recognize the signs of foundation problems so they can get help before the damage becomes severe. You may notice small cracks in the walls or floors, for example. As your home settles, you may also have doors that stick and uneven floors. You can also have water damage from broken pipes. Pay close attention to the changes in your home and get help for foundation issues immediately. 

Cracks in Walls and Floors

You may notice small cracks in walls or hard floors if your foundation begins to shift. You may not feel concerned if the cracks remain small. The damage can continue to progress, however, if you do not initiate timely repairs. You may save money by having an inspection and repair while the damage remains minimal. Look online for the best foundation repairs in Michigan. 

Uneven Floors

Foundation problems can get worse over time causing more noticeable problems, such as uneven floors. Occasionally, a large foundation shift can happen suddenly. This can cause many parts of your home to become uneven, affecting floors, walls, and water pipes. You can prevent some foundation problems by planting trees 15- 20 feet away from your home and maintaining your yard well. Soil that stays excessively wet or dry can contribute to foundation problems.

Sticking Doors

If your doors become hard to open or close, you may have foundation damage. The frames of the doors may not stay level when the house begins to settle. You may find this remains a common problem in older homes, as houses naturally settle into the soil over time. When you have small problems like this, however, a foundation repair can keep damage from getting worse. 

Standing Water

Water should drain away from your home. Yards should slope slightly away from the home. This grading may become less prominent when the foundation begins to settle. Standing water around your home can indicate foundation issues and can damage your home. If water accumulates too close to the home, it may enter the home and cause rot and mold. You can help the water drain by cleaning your gutters and redirecting your spouts. This is only a temporary fix, however. A foundation repair must happen to stop the problem. 

Broken Pipes

Standing water may also indicate a broken pipe under your home. If you have a broken pipe, you may also have low water pressure and a high water bill. You may need both a plumber and a foundation specialist to solve the problem. 

Cracks in Outdoor Areas

Concrete cracks over time. You may notice a cracked and uneven sidewalk in front of your home. Your driveway may also begin to crack in various places. Many people also have a concrete patio or a tiled porch. These may present with cracks, as well. Schedule an inspection to find out what caused the cracks. You may need a foundation repair or a simple resurfacing of the cement. 

Foundation problems cause damage in many areas of the home. Learn to recognize the signs of foundation damage so you can get repairs quickly. When you have an immediate repair, you can minimize damage and save money. Maintain your foundation to keep your home beautiful and safe.