Best Loop Bands For Pull-Up Assist Muscles Glutes And CrossFit Released

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Physix Gear has launched its state of the art Pull Up Assist Bands. The product is designed for various workouts like yoga and pilates as well as physiotherapy for muscle strengthening.

Physix Gear has launched its newest Pull Up Assist Bands that are ideal for various physical exercises. The Miami-based company designs sporting gears and equipment for gym workouts as well as therapeutic purposes.

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The newly launched fitness band was designed for muscle toning, the glutes, CrossFit, physical therapy, Pilates, and yoga. It compliments squats, bench and standard barbell machines, along with dumbbells for those into strength training. Additionally, the Pull Up Assist band can be used as resistance to enhance traditional routines like TRX and chin-ups, therefore bringing faster results to its users.

The portable, lightweight product has a higher level of resistance than standard pull up bands used by bodybuilders. It was also built in such a way that it offsets some of its users’ body weight, making pull-ups easier.

The exercises done with the Pull Up Assist Bands can be done on an average of fewer than 20 minutes. This is because the large flexible bands made of rubber relieves its users of their workloads when performing a pull-up, thereby helping to keep one’s form while doing more reps.

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Whether at home or in the gym, the Pull Up Assist Bands are easy to use if one follows the simple steps in the detailed free video E-guide that comes with the purchase. To use it, the user would loop the band around the pull-up bar pulling one side through the other.

Next, the user needs to hold onto the bar with both hands. Further, one knee, or foot, or even both knees can be placed in a kneeling position onto the bottom of the loop. The user can then pull up and attempt to lift the chin above the bar slightly.

Aside from being portable, easy to use and easy to store, the Pull Up Assist Bands come in different colors, resistances and weights to suit each user’s individual needs or preference. Because of the different resistances contained in a single set of bands, one can design a workout that incrementally takes the strain off of the user, making one stronger over a period of time.

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