Expert Senior Health Insurance Medicare Advantage MediGap Services Launched

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Paul Barrett Insurance Services at (800) 219-0453, has launched expert advice services for seniors and others who are dealing with complex Medicare coverage decisions.

Paul Barrett Insurance Services, serving seniors throughout the United States, has launched services to help Medicare clients save money while maintaining good health insurance coverage. This independent agent has been working with seniors for many years and helped thousands get needed coverage that is also affordable.

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The senior health insurance services that have launched are the primary focus of the Paul Barrett Insurance Services agency. These include traditional Medicare, MediGap Supplements, and Medicare Advantage plans, along with Prescription Drug, Dental, and Vision Plans.

Making a decision about health insurance is a challenge for seniors, especially the large Baby Boomer population that is just reaching the age where these decisions must be made. Often this is due to retirement and losing employer coverage. Options for coverage are wide-ranging and expert advice is a must.

Many seniors who become eligible for Medicare believe that Medicare coverage is free. In reality, only Medicare Part A, which covers emergency room and hospitalization, is premium-free. All other medical expenses fall under Medicare Part B, which has a monthly premium, co-pays, and a yearly deductible that are the senior’s responsibility.

Traditional Medicare does not cover dental or vision care. Prescription coverage falls under Medicare Part D, and again will have co-pays involved. Traditional Medicare also has no maximum for out-of-pocket expenses.

To fill the gap in coverage left by traditional Medicare, seniors have two options. One is a MediGap policy, also known as a Medicare Supplement, which covers expenses that Medicare Part B does not, and allows seniors to choose any doctor who excepts Medicare without referrals.

The other is a Medicare Advantage plan which has a low or no monthly premium, but manages all costs associated with Medicare A and B, and may include dental and vision coverage. An Advantage plan requires seniors to choose from an approved provider list, but often has additional benefits like dental, vision, hearing, and Silver Sneakers fitness program.

Paul Barrett Insurance Services understands how overwhelming these decisions can be and is dedicated to helping people find the best Medicare coverage to suit there specific needs and budget. As an independent agent Paul has no quotas to fill and works with all major carriers and many local and regional ones.

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