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The Tax Law Pros (800) 815-9673, has launched online tax audit and debt relief representation services to assist Montana taxpayers unable to visit the Three Forks office. In-office consultation is also available.

The Tax Law Pros, a Three Forks Montana-based tax audit, claims, and debt relief firm, has launched online services to assist those who may not be able to come to the local office. The Tax Law Pros serve customers in Billings, Missoula, Belgrade, Great Falls, Bozeman, Three Forks, and other Montana cities.

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The newly launched online tax debt and audit attorney services from The Tax Law Pros help taxpayers deal with the heavy hand and red tape of the IRS. The U.S. Internal Revenue Service is a bureaucratic monolith whose concern is collecting government revenue, not helping the taxpayer.

According to the most recent data from U. S, Internal Revenue Service, Americans owed $131 billion in back taxes, penalties, and interest in 2018. This may come from under-reporting income, late filing, or simply making an error when filing a return.

Other errors that occur are failing to file a return, being audited, or miscalculating payroll taxes. Small businesses can truly struggle with calculating taxes correctly for employees.

These errors and problems can be very costly to taxpayers who often feel at a loss for how to challenge the ruling of the IRS. A tax-debt finding by the IRS can lead to wage garnishment, property seizure, liens, and tax levies.

Once a person or small business is dealing with a tax debt issue, it can affect every area of life. A feeling of futility can overwhelm day-to-day living and make any effort to get ahead feel pointless, especially during this trying pandemic year.

The Tax Law Pros may be able to obtain tax penalty relief (abatement) or negotiate either a partial or full installment repayment plan. Another solution may be to prove the need for a reduced debt payment through an offer of compromise.

Those who are currently unable to pay at all may obtain temporary relief. A spouse of someone who has committed tax fraud may be relieved of responsibility.

Each of these issues and solutions is unique to the taxpayer. The Tax Law Pros goal with offering online consultation through the convenience of technology is to work with each individual and find a legal solution that will provide relief and a way to handle tax debt.

David M Tudor is an Enrolled Agent (EA) and is approved to practice before the United States Tax Court. David has saved his clients hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.

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