Palo Alto CA Pricing Optimization Amazon Buy Box AI-Powered Software Launched

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Palo Alto CA Amazon optimization platform, Eva, launches AI-powered software designed to calculate pricing strategies and simplify vendor marketing processes.

Palo Alto, California e-commerce platform, Eva, is announcing the launch of its AI-powered pricing and inventory management software for entrepreneurs looking to leverage Amazon’s online marketplace. The Eva program calculates optimal pricing strategies to help vendors capture the buy box widget which allows buyers to move seamlessly through their online purchasing process.

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Entrepreneurs conducting business on Amazon report administrative duties associated with pricing and goods management often dominate their commercial processes, negatively impacting profits as a result. The newly launched, AI-powered Eva software automatically calculates pricing strategies, enabling entrepreneurs to complete their due diligence in under twenty minutes.

The team behind Eva say that 82 percent of all sales on Amazon occur via the buy box widget, putting a premium on its value that can lead to lowball pricing and result in a seller’s suspension from the Amazon marketplace. The Eva software automatically determines an equilibrium price that satisfies both buyers and sellers and complies with marketplace rules.

Vendors doing business on Amazon prioritize the buy box because it functions as a compelling call to action. The widget allows shoppers to control their buying process (quantities, shipping decisions and other variables) as they work toward finalizing purchasing details.

Consumers searching for products on Amazon don’t always realize the goods being offered can have multiple sellers. As a result, listings featuring a buy box give vendors a competitive edge while offering buyers peace of mind.

The software also helps vendors track key performance indicators (KPIs), in real time, through the Sales and Finance portal, allowing for adjustments in inventory and other goods management activities.

According to the creators of Eva, clients using their software report a 31 percent increase in sales and 34 percent increase in profits.

A satisfied customer says “Eva started working seamlessly, just as I connected my Amazon account. Now I don’t have to spend so much time configuring products, selecting the right pricing rules or algorithms, and manually checking everything.”

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