Texas Building Automation System Expert Facility Management Services Expanded

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Integrated Systems Technology Services, available on (855) 475-0243, expanded its services to clients in Texas to provide building systems efficiency, safety, and sustainability solutions.

Integrated Systems Technology Services, an industrial and commercial building automation system company based in Albuquerque, NM, expanded its facility wellness services to offer building automation systems solutions to clients in Texas to improve building systems efficiency.

For more details, please visit https://integratedsystemstech.com/facility-wellness

The latest expansion aims to offer sustainable building automation solutions to businesses that need help in reducing their operating costs and wastes, improving safety, as well as increasing their uptime.

The Department of Energy states that the building sector accounts for about 76 percent of electricity use and 40% of all US primary energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, research shows that inefficiencies cost businesses 20-30 percent in revenue annually.

Reducing energy consumption in buildings and minimizing costs to building owners and tenants have become crucial to meet today’s energy and environmental challenges.

Integrated Systems Technology Services’ facility wellness aims to bring new forms of efficiency, safety, and sustainability to the workplace by helping businesses implement and maintain building automation technology.

Leveraging their years of expertise in project management and building automation systems, these cost-effective solutions aid property owners and occupants in lowering their expenses and wastes, and reducing the downtime of equipment in the building.

As facility wellness is vital to a business’ long-term sustainability, the company installs building automation and systems monitoring equipment to help clients keep track of their building system’s efficiency across various metrics.

Implementing these smart building controls promote peak operating efficiencies, equipment uptime, as well as equipment and asset tracking. Additionally, it also improves energy efficiency, maintenance costs, and administrative costs.

This helps building owners to seamlessly manage their building’s occupants, enhance workplace efficiency and enjoy lower operational costs.

With the latest expansion, Integrated Systems Technology Services continues to support businesses across the United States to improve their facility wellness.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://integratedsystemstech.com/facility-wellness