You Can Vote for Tristan Pollock and Danyelle’s Next Home

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( — March 2, 2021) — Traveling the world with a partner is as blissful as anyone could imagine. In addition to seeing the beauty of the world’s countries, it cements the bond within the relationship and improves communication skills to a point where they finish each other’s sentences.

Tristan and Danyelle Pollock traveled more than 100,000 miles, an equivalent of four times the diameter of the entire planet. In these travels spanning two years (2018 – 2020), they’ve visited over 55 nations; that is more than one-fourth of all the countries in the world. However, they claim it wasn’t difficult to adjust and keep up with the travel lifestyle.

As the COVID-19 pandemic took hold though, they found themselves seated in Minnesota which shows how lucky they are because Minnesota is such a lovely place. This will only last for a while until the COVID-19 situation has been properly contained, which doesn’t seem that far anymore.

If you were to ask Tristan and Danyelle how feasible it is to do, they’d tell you that anyone with an interest can do it. Tristan says that considering the expenses mathematically, a good remote job will cover it just fine. So if this is something you’re interested in, together with your partner, expert Tristan says it can work for you.

Now, Tristan and Pollock are doing it differently this third year; they’re allowing us to choose their home. Moving around a lot must have made them very picky if you like. They understand the significance of community and why it’s best to be part of one rather than touring the beautiful world forever. We can just assume that the nomadic chapter is about to rest – they’ve had all the fun in the world already!

To allow us to choose their home, there’s a poll on their website where people can submit suggestions on where they should settle down. Seeing as they have friends from around the world, one can only imagine the number of options they have. Their top candidates are currently Denver, the Twin Cities, and Vancouver. Many others have also made a shortlist though. 

If you have a suggestion for them, you can do it through the website or a direct email to them. But before you do, you’ll want to know that these are the qualities they seek in a home city:

  • Close to nature: That is, a pet-friendly environment with clean air, the ability to frequently go hiking and swimming. Also, like most of us, they want to be able to have a garden in the backyard.
  • Close to the culture of a people: That is, an environment with inspiring people and interesting organizations that welcome art and ideas.
  • Open-minded community: That is, a community that loves, cares, respects, and shows empathy towards one another.

You can cast a vote yourself, check the current standings, and see stats about their travels on their website here.