European Study Now Suggests Not All Animal Products Are Bad for the Heart

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( — March 9, 2021) Orlando, FL — The World Health Organization warns that heart disease and stroke are the world’s biggest culprits of high mortality worldwide. As a matter of fact, statistics have shown that it caused more than 15 million deaths in 2016. 

In multiple research studies, scientists have been stressing the relevance of diet in the protection of the heart. It has long been established that some foods like animal foods that are high in fat and cholesterol contribute to the onset of heart disease. 

However, it is also important to note that not all animal foods wreak havoc on cardiovascular health. 

A study was carried out and published in the Circulation, which is the American Heart Association journal.

In this long-term study involving almost half a million European adults, the investigators suggest that not all animal products are detrimental to heart health. This is despite their fat and cholesterol content.

More specifically, the researchers confirmed that processed and red meats may increase heart disease risk. However, there are animal foods or by-products like eggs, cheese, yogurt, and fish that are protective to the heart.

The study findings have shown that 7,198 of the subjects suffered from a heart attack or died due to heart disease. For every 100 grams intake of red or processed meat consumed in a day, there was an increased risk for heart disease by 19 percent.

It is further worth noting that consumption of cheese, eggs, and yogurt reduced cardiovascular risk. The investigators further note that consumption of processed and red meat was linked with the heightened risk of hypertension and high cholesterol levels.

It is interesting to note that in multiple research studies, researchers have looked into the all-natural remedies like curcumin that could work wonders in fighting heart disease.

According to researchers, disturbances in lipid profiles, like increases in triglycerides and decreases in the levels of HDL cholesterol, increase the risk of certain heart ailments.

In particular, it increases the odds of atherosclerosis, which increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

In 2014, a study has shown the use of curcumin supplement led to a significant decrease in LDL and total cholesterol. It was also able to lessen triglycerides and significant increases in HDL levels.

It is important to stress that these are all particularly beneficial for the heart. The effects of curcumin on the triglycerides are greater than the minimal effects of statin drugs.

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