Melbourne CBD Poultry Game Meat Home Delivery Butcher Service Launched

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NIFRA Poultry is providing a butcher home delivery service in the Melbourne CBD. The service offers poultry and game to shoppers within a 10-kilometre radius.

NIFRA Poultry, a poultry and game meat specialist that’s based at Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, Australia, has launched an updated home delivery service.

More information on the launch can be found by visiting

The launch delivers a selection of fresh game meat and poultry to areas within a 10-kilometre distance of the Melbourne Central Business District and is now available on Tuesday and Friday evenings.

On the website, customers can choose a variety of poultry, game meats, sausages, eggs and rendered fats, as well as marinades and spices for home delivery. Popular poultry items include turkey roll with apricot and macadamia stuffing, chicken BBQ steaks, chicken tenderloins, and tenderloin schnitzel. Other options such as duck, quails, turkey mince, and chicken burgers are also available, and prices are based on per kilo weight.

As part of the launch, shoppers can access a range of high-quality game meats, such as venison leg fillet, camel rump, kangaroo fillet, crocodile tail fillet, wild boar leg fillet, whole wild rabbit, and emu fan fillet that are provided at competitive market prices. A spokesperson for the company explains that all game products are high quality and sourced from Australian suppliers.

A selection of ethically sourced organic and free-range eggs and flavoured sausages are also available for home delivery. Sausage options include chorizo chicken, bratwurst chicken, chilli mango chicken, bull boar, venison, herb and garlic chicken, Roma tomato and garlic chicken, satay chicken, and more.

Interested parties can place an order via the website where they will be required to input their postcode. Orders before 11am can qualify for same-day delivery and Tuesday and Friday evening delivery is available between 4pm and 7pm. Contactless payments are available upon delivery and a $40 minimum order is applicable.

NIFRA Poultry is a family business that has been serving poultry and game to customers in Melbourne since 1996. They specialize in sourcing and supplying high quality fresh, free-range poultry and other meats and provide a quality guarantee.

For more information on NIFRA Poultry and the launch of their home delivery service for Melbourne CBD visit the URL above.