Scientists Now Found Pulse Wave Measurement Determines Heart Disease Risk During Menopause

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( — March 10, 2021) Orlando, FL — The menopausal stage actually carries along many disadvantages, and these include those affecting a woman’s health. This is why more and more researchers carry out studies to determine the disease risks during menopause.

A preliminary research was presented at the American Heart Association’s Basic Cardiovascular Sciences 2019 Scientific Sessions.

In this study, it has been found that through measuring the pulse wave of a woman’s wrist, the odds of having cardiovascular disease during menopause may be determined. This step is also found to be better than a standard blood pressure measurement.

The investigators utilized radial pulse waves to measure the beat of the heart through the artery at the base of the wrist. It is worth noting that checking radial pulse waves is easy and non-invasive. Researchers also say it can produce more data than just looking at systolic or diastolic blood pressures.

They studied 327 premenopausal and postmenopausal women with no history of heart disease, tracking the women’s systolic and diastolic blood pressure measurements, as well as 12-second continuous radial pulse data.

According to statistics, there are roughly 37.5 million women today who are reaching or are currently at menopause.

It is worth mentioning that in the United States, the average life expectancy of women is 84 years. This essentially means they spend about 50 percent of their adult life as a post-menopausal female. Smokers tend to reach menopause earlier by 1.5 years. 

Further, according to experts, around 75 percent of women suffering from menopause will experience hot flashes. Up to 10 percent of women have also been found to stop menstruating without any prior menstrual irregularity or symptoms that are common during menopause.

Today, there are many experts who carry out research studies to look into the effects of some natural remedies in reducing the symptoms of menopause. 

Interestingly, beneficial bacteria like probiotics are scientifically found to be potentially helpful. 

According to experts, the health of the gut is vital for various aspects of health. Menopause can cause gut health to go out of whack due to a poor diet, stress, hormonal fluctuations, and antibiotics.

It is worth realizing that this causes an imbalance that not only prevents the body from absorbing supplements properly, but also leads in symptoms. These include constipation, gas and bloating, digestive issues, and belly fat.

Experts say that probiotics can help aid in reducing the effects of menopause symptoms due to their ability to take better care of the gut.

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