Experts Now Strongly Stress Lion’s Mane Has Dementia-Fighting Benefits

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( — March 11, 2021) Orlando, FL — Neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease continue to affect more and more people worldwide. 

According to reports, Alzheimer’s disease may contribute to 60 percent to 70 percent of all dementia cases. It is worth being warned that dementia is the one of the major causes of dependency as well as disability among older adults around the world. 

Its psychological, physical, social, and economic effects are troubling enough to reduce the quality of life and health of sufferers. It is also important to note that they do not only impact sufferers, but also their friends, carers, family, and society.

This condition is progressive by nature, and can cause deterioration in cognitive function. It can have negative effects on language, memory, thinking, comprehension, judgment, and learning capacity. 

During its early stage, it often produces symptoms that are quite easy to overlook. Some of these symptoms are forgetfulness, losing track of time, and getting lost in familiar places.

While there is no known cure yet for this condition, there are medications usually prescribed for sufferers. It is worth noting that the use of these pharmaceutical drugs could work best when combined with lifestyle changes.

Today, scientists are increasingly looking into the effects of taking certain measures to reduce the burden of sufferers. While it stays incurable, it is worth noting that these measures could be helpful in managing the condition better. 

A therapeutic remedy called lion’s mane may potentially be helpful. According to experts, this medicinal mushroom has a lot of healing potentials.

Over decades, it has been a popular subject of research due to its therapeutic properties. In some studies, it has been found to have neuroprotective, cardiovascular-health enhancing, anti-inflammatory, cognitive-decline-fighting, nerve repairing, blood-pressure lowering, immunity-boosting, cholesterol-regulating, and weight management properties.

Researchers say that it contains hericcenones and erinacines, which are special compounds found to aid in stimulating brain cell growth. It is also worth noting that in animal studies, it has been able to offer protection to the brain from Alzheimer’s disease.

There have actually been many research studies suggesting that this remedy could help combat dementia. It has even been able to show its ability to lessen memory loss symptoms as well as prevent neuronal damage, which is caused by the amyloid-beta plaques. 

According to experts, the beta-amyloid plaques usually build up in the brain of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease.

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