Many Skin Care Products Have Disease-Promoting Chemicals and Toxins

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( — March 11, 2021) Orlando, FL — A myriad of skincare and beauty products is widely available in the market today, and they can even be purchased in just a matter of clicks online. 

These products, such as shampoos, hairsprays, body lotions, deodorants, makeup, and even perfumes, may be useful but they contain harmful chemicals and toxic substances. These are chemicals that may potentially increase the risk of diseases and disorders.  

One of the ingredients to watch out for is propylene glycol, which helps harmful chemicals get into the bloodstream and skin more effectively. 

It is often found in various liquid skincare products, and is linked with certain cases of irritation, dryness, and inflammation on the skin. Experts further warn against petroleum and mineral oils, which are undeniably linked with major health concerns. 

It is important to realize that petroleum-based products can be contaminated with toxic chemicals, which may be damaging to the nerves and cancer-triggering. In a study in 2009, it has been found that the use of mineral oil products could increase the rate of tumor growth. 

Experts recommend looking for products that are devoid of these potentially harmful chemicals.

It is important to consider the use of natural remedies like activated charcoal, and there are good reasons why resorting to its use is helpful. 

First is that this therapeutic ingredient is known for its highly porous surface, which works in trapping toxins, dirt, oils, and debris. It has been found useful in exfoliating the skin, reducing its risk from acne, and preventing dirt and toxins from wreaking havoc on skin health. 

This natural remedy is actually used in many skin care products due to its remarkable adsorbent abilities. When it comes to eliminating toxins in skin care products, activated charcoal may also be useful in detoxifying the body. 

In taking advantage of the miraculous healing goodness of this natural remedy, it is wise to consider the use of formulas like Purest Vantage Activated Charcoal.

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