Seattle WA Strategic Change Agency B2B Leadership Development Program Launched

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ShiftUp, a strategic change and marketing agency based in Seattle, WA, has launched an expanded range of B2B leadership development programs aimed at assisting businesses in a turbulent global environment.

Seattle, WA-based leadership development and strategic change agency, ShiftUp, has launched an expanded range of leadership training and consultancy services.

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The services focus on business-to-business (B2B) leadership training as a result of the increasingly volatile and unpredictable global environment.

In the post-Cold War decade, the US Military developed a new leadership doctrine known as VUCA: volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. The doctrine was developed to help military leaders in an increasingly non-traditional global threat environment, including terrorism and asymmetric warfare.

The principles espoused in VUCA have since been adopted by the business community, as many of concepts are equally applicable to the uncertain commercial environment. ShiftUp’s recently launched B2B leadership services utilize the principles of VUCA, amongst others, to help businesses face the challenges of an increasingly turbulent global market.

In light of the recent pandemic, ShiftUp’s new services focus on several steps to assist the managers and leaders within a business to be better prepared. The first of these steps is to adopt a new mindset: the ability to accept that there may be no known solution, embracing the innovation that disruption can provide, and finding clarity in chaos.

Secondly, leaders are trained in developing effective sales teams that are better prepared to face unexpected challenges with agility and flexibility.

The program focuses on several core components of effective team-building including vision, core competencies and persuasiveness.

ShiftUp’s leadership training program also encompasses more traditional leadership training methodologies, such as establishing unique styles of leadership, managing diverse teams, conflict resolution and methods of motivation.

ShiftUp is a strategic change consultancy that aims to help businesses grow through change. In addition to leadership training services, the company also provides brand differentiation, business culture and marketing consultancy.

A spokesperson for ShiftUp stated: “As we rise from the chaos caused by the current pandemic, there will be winners and losers for sure. The realities of how to exist and compete in the world are being faced by individuals and organizations globally”.

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