Dakar SN Best Restaurant Ocean View Sushi Beachfront Dining Service EXPERIENCE

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Diners can experience a beachfront dining service at Sharky’s Dakar. The Senegal restaurant serves sushi and other popular dishes, at an ocean-view location.

Sharky’s Dakar, an ocean-side restaurant in Senegal that serves award-winning sushi, burgers, pizza, and other dishes, has won the beachfront dining service experience of the year.

More information can be found by visiting http://sharkys.sn

The newly launched dining service caters to both locals and ex-pats who are looking for somewhere to eat in Dakar, Senegal, with sunset views. The beachfront location offers customers a place to enjoy sushi, cocktails, and other food and beverages while overlooking the beach, and enjoying views of surfers, the sunset, and the ocean.

An extensive menu of food and drink is included in the beachfront dining service. One of the restaurant’s specialties is sushi, and a wide selection of sushi dishes is available on the menu. Customers will also find a series of combo options on the menu, which allow them to sample more than one variety of sushi. The largest sushi combo offers up to 60 pieces of sushi and is ideally suited to diners who want a dish to share.

The company says their sushi menu is award-winning and some of the most popular sushi options include California Saumon, sashimi thon, sesame imperial, crispy crab, maki thon, and more.

As part of the experience, customers can also enjoy a range of other food choices, including Burgers, pizzas, salads, and sandwiches. An extensive choice of drinks including wines, cocktails, coffees, and champagne are also available and can be enjoyed while overlooking the beach. More information can be found on the restaurant’s Instagram page by visiting https://www.instagram.com/sharkysdakar

Jackie, a previous customer, says, “Right next to the crashing waves, with its modern seating and umbrellas, Sharky’s is a great place to enjoy a cocktail or meal from the varied menu. It has a relaxed but friendly atmosphere. A lovely breeze means a visit day or night is possible and a great place to watch the surfers in action.”

Sharky’s Dakar is a restaurant in Senegal with a beachfront location. They offer high-quality sushi dishes, and other food options, that can be consumed while enjoying ocean views. The restaurant is known for having one of the best views in the area.

For more information on Sharky’s Dakar and the launch of their beachfront dining service visit https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g293831-d8835089-Reviews-Sharky_s-Dakar_Dakar_Region.html the URL above.