Mass Grocer and Retail: A Solution for Managing RFx Processes Dedicated To Private Labels

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( — March 5, 2021) — In context of the radical transformation of the private label sector, the calls for tenders, for producers as well as distributors, have become real puzzles, whose current application is no longer adapted to the many requirements of the market. To meet this new need, the collaborative solution Trace One, specializing in private labels, offers a tool for managing calls for tenders to fill this gap and support the producers and buyers from the creation of the product to the go-to-market.

Faced with the explosion and revolution of private labels, calls for tenders must adapt. 

While private labels are experiencing a considerable boom in France, as in Europe, they have undergone profound changes in recent years. From essentially low cost products; they are nowadays focused on added value and new consumer requirements, in particular with regards to food products (quality, diversification, local and sustainable production…). They have adapted so well that they are now real showcases for distributors. The problem of tenders in the retail sector has also become more complex in recent years due to digitalization. Professionals have therefore had to adapt their methods and take into account parameters beyond prices to select their private label products.

This revolution means that purchasing is now carried out by buyers in collaboration with the product manager, the packaging manager, the marketing manager, the manager of the quality and the CSR manager. A multiplicity of actors that explains the need for solutions shared between various stakeholders, and therefore the use of an RFx solution(a tool for management of calls for tenders).

In this context, the creation of these new products utilises processes that are

more and more complex, as Claire Bui, Product Manager at Trace One, explains, “Tenders are a recurring activity. Distributors carry them out every year on all their products. However, most buyers still use old-fashioned methods that are for example, not integrated with Excel files, while the management of the responses of these calls for tenders becomes very complex”.

Trace One offers an integrated suite

In response to these new challenges, Trace One teams have developed a new solution for managing calls for tenders. This tool, intended for distribution, but also to the producers, is in line with the French group’s desire to offer an integrated suite of digital solutions ranging from tender preparation to marketing.

Trace One’s RFx solution centralizes all responses to the call for tenders. The solution allows users to easily compare them while promoting in-house collaborative work, selecting the best suppliers, and developing the best products in a digital environment with an increasing need for integration of the various solutions. “Our customers use many digital tools: including a solution for product development, a solution for supplier relationship management, and so forth. More and more, they want to have an integrated solution that allows them to centralize everything, particularly by covering the upstream phases of development,” says Claire Bui. This expert, specialized in mass distribution for over ten years, considers that the digitalization of calls for tenders “saves time and money on the product launch by harmonizing the processes. Our customers are finding it increasingly difficult to follow the calls for tenders at the global level”. She assures the method to be an integrated and compatible solution of the Trace One ecosystem, in order to offer a “global vision” to retailers. Bui insists on the specificity of the Trace One solution in relation to other emerging solutions on the market: “it is different from the competition because it is an integrated suite. Our solution makes the entire purchasing process more fluid and to easily send data to our product development solutions. Our other advantage is that we have been specialists in private labels for 20 years and we have been the only ones in the world with such experience and know-how”.

Founded in 2001, the Trace One is the world leader in private label product management systems. Its collaborative platform allows manufacturers and distributors of consumer products to develop their products more quickly, while at the same time by limiting the risks. Trace One’s solutions cover each stage of the product life cycle. They enable brands of all sizes to collaborate seamlessly in order to bring remarkable products to consumers faster.

With its RFx solution, Trace One has taken a new step forward: it can position itself upstream of the market. from the product development phase to accompany its customers throughout the entire process of creating private label products.