Rochelle IL Ex-Offender Job Training Life Skills Christian Mentorship Launched

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Inspired heights has launched a Christian mentorship and occupational training program. The program aims to give ex-prisoners and people recovering from addiction the tools to succeed in society.

Inspired Heights, a church and steeple restoration contractor based in Rochelle Illinois, has launched a mentorship program. The program offers ex- offenders and people recovering from addiction assistance with recovery through occupational mentoring and life skills.

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The launch aims to provide these individuals with a second chance and a fresh start through their Christian mentorship and job training program.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, approximately 40% of former federal prisoners and more than 60% of former state prisoners are rearrested within three years of release. A reentry programs is among the most critical resources for an ex-inmate after they are released. These programs ultimately attempt to ensure that the ex-prisoner does not return to a life of incarceration.

Upon release from prison, people often have little support and suffer from feelings of helplessness. It is often difficult to find a job with a criminal background. Studies indicate that ​less than half of people released from prison secure a job within five years of returning to the community. They often don’t know where to begin. Inspired Heights aims to offer them hope and the means to successfully overcome these challenges.

The program’s occupational mentoring consists of general job skill training and specialized training in construction trades. Available trades include: roofing, carpentry, painting, stone restoration, sheet metal work, tuck pointing, and more. The program matches participants to trades based on their interests, aptitudes, and project availability.

The Inspired Heights’ mentoring program also addresses other life skills necessary to live a productive, healthy life. The following are a few of the crucial skills that are covered as part of the program’s required discipleship class: addiction recovery, anger management, life after incarceration, and financial discipline.

A spokesperson for the company stated: “Every element of Inspired Heights’ mentoring program incorporates the Christian life. The participants are taught and expected to work, study, and live according to biblical principles. Every morning begins with prayer and Bible study and it is required for everyone to attend a Bible believing Christian church at least twice a week.”

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