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Solar Biz (1-888-826-0939), a solar energy products supplier from Wisconsin, announced its plans to help push for greater sustainability in 2021. The company sells a variety of solar-powered products.

Solar Biz, a company specializing in solar-powered products and appliances, announced its plans to create a more sustainable carbon footprint for customers. The company will aim to achieve this through its home and renewable energy design services.

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The latest announcement aims to help more consumers in the US take a responsible approach to their energy consumption.

The company offers a variety of products, including solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations. Moreover, customers can purchase solar charge controllers, batteries, and water pumps and appliances.

Household appliances are also available. Solar Biz sells solar-powered fans and premier gas ranges. Website visitors can buy refrigerators and freezers designed to be more environmentally-friendly.

Solar Biz’s products are shipped throughout the US. Buyers can pay for products with a range of payment methods. All of the major US credit cards are supported, as are payments with PayPal. Buyers can make purchases with PayPal Credit and various kinds of checks as well, if they would prefer.

Besides the products already mentioned, Solar Biz provides services related to water filtering. The company can offer both hot and cold water filters, in addition to products suitable for catching rain.

The latest announcement forms part of the company’s commitment to providing sustainable energy and protecting the environment during the climate crisis.

Founded in 1969 by Tom Duffy, Solar Biz is based in Jefferson, Wisconsin. The company is one of the oldest solar equipment designers and equipment suppliers in the world. Solar Biz has designed over 13,000 systems for various applications. These include marine, highway signs, street lighting, and commercial buildings.

Commenting on Solar Biz’s commitment in 2021, Duffy said: “We are the off-grid design experts and distribute all the equipment needed in the off-grid solar market. We offer lifetime technical support and startup consultation for our customers.

We got into solar design and sales by way of our extensive knowledge of DC Electricity. This year, we want more folks to go off-grid for their own good and the world. We want more people to lower their carbon footprint around the world, and by extension, save the oceans and planet.”

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