Blue One: More Than Just a Fashion Boutique

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( — March 5, 2021) — What do you look for when you go shopping for clothes and accessories? Unique styles, poppy colors, and comfortable fabric are a few things that may come to your mind. Well, these are precisely the type of things you will find at Blue One. It is Hamptons’ most popular boutique run by the Royal Couple, Jarret and Crystal.

Founded in 2007, Blue One caters to people who are ready to embrace new designs and styles. It is challenging when you take this type of risk, but it didn’t affect Blue One’s business. The couple has one mission in mind: to handpick various clothes and accessories from their vacations that meet Hamptons’ elites’ fashion sense.

What does Blue One offer?

Blue One is now the one-stop-boutique for NYC elites. It consists of one of the widest ranges of handpicked clothes. If you are looking for innovative designs and the latest styles, expect to find them at Blue One. It is a hub for men’s and women’s clothing, belts, necklaces, earrings, office bags, shoes, and much more.

But how do Jarret and Crystal find such beautiful collections? Crystal spills out the beans, saying, “Our vacations are not typical vacations like everyone else. We are constantly on the lookout for new styles and designs. It’s fortunate that people like our choice of products, whether it’s clothes or décor. We handpick each item during our vacations. Then, we look for promising local designers who want to make a name in the fashion world. We allow them to design the clothes we choose. And that’s how we work. We not only believe in growing our company but also allowing others to grow with us.”

What makes Blue One unique?

Quality, innovative design, and the ability to figure out customers’ tastes without interacting with them directly. Jarret and Crystal ensure that they don’t compromise on their products’ quality. People in Hamptons don’t shy from paying big bucks for merchandise, but they want top-notch quality every time. Blue One’s products go through a series of quality checks before shipping.

Innovative design is another reason that keeps Blue One ahead of other boutiques. Crystal and Jarret’s experience in the fashion industry allows them to handpick the best designs that their customers will love instantly. Satisfied customers even treat the couple to luxurious tours in private planes and $100,000,000 yachts. Jarret says, “We know many NYC elites closely. This gives us an idea about what others may also want. We curate our products accordingly.”

Social media rage

Blue One has tons of followers on social media. Both Jarret and Crystal post new collections and the latest arrivals to keep their audience updated about what the brand plans to do next. They even get direct messages from customers who request their clothes be made available for them. You can follow Blue One on Facebook and Instagram.

There is hardly any boutique that matches the style and design of Blue One. Indeed, they’re doing things right by developing real relationships with their customers and understanding their fashion needs.