Guilford CT Local Mask Creator Reusable Facemasks Protective Coverings Launched

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A selection of reusable and reversible face masks is available at Wavzcap. The masks are made with a high-quality breathable fabric and feature a double internal filter.

Wavzcap, a Connecticut-based shop that manufactures the Wavzcap, a baseball-style cap designed for safe surfing, has launched reversible and reusable face masks.

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The recently launched face masks have been created in response to the ongoing pandemic and are locally made in Guilford. The company donated over 2,000 of the face masks to medical personnel and has now made them available to the public. The masks can be purchased via the company’s online store and at The Clifton Art Gallery.

The reversible masks can be purchased in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. They are currently available in a range of different colors, styles, and themes. Customers can select a plain white cotton mask, or opt for one of the bolder designs, such as crickets, ocean, lobsters, elephants, dogs, giraffes, soccer, fish, frogs, lobsters, or crayons.

A collection of metallic face mask designs are also included as part of the launch, alongside patterns such as Lady Pirate, Cheetah, Day Of The Dead, red honeycombs, guitars, and foliage. A preview of each design can be viewed on the website.

The company creates over 1,000 mask designs and customers are advised to get in touch if they do not see the style they require. They should email their preferred color and theme with the number of masks they require to have the item created for them. Custom orders for groups or for brides and grooms are also available.

Each mask is made with high-quality, high-thread quilting cotton and is fitted with a polypropylene double internal filter. The company explains that the masks feature a breathable fabric and are also waterproof. Customers are advised that the reusable masks should be hand washed and dried. Orders are quickly made and dispatched to locations across the United States. A breakdown of shipping costs is listed on the company’s website.

Wavzcap is a clothing company based in the United States founded by Gail Kotowski that makes a large selection of hats, scarves, jewelry, and reversible and reusable face masks.

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