9 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Outdoor Kitchen Designer

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(Newswire.net — March 7, 2021) — Designing an outdoor kitchen is one of the best ways to enhance your backyard and add overall value to your property. With new technologies and kitchen design styles, the modern outdoor kitchen can provide a comprehensive cooking and dining experience. 

With more Americans spending time and cooking at home, the potential value of installing an outdoor kitchen is greater than ever before. Your outdoor kitchen can be easily customized to be exactly what you want it to be—a pizza oven, colorful cabinets, an outdoor firepit, custom seating, and other desirable features can all be easily incorporated.

To create the perfect outdoor kitchen, you will need to begin by hiring an outdoor kitchen design firm. These firms can help you develop a comprehensive design, hire needed contractors, and also create a space that can be easily maintained against the elements.

As you will quickly discover, there might be many different outdoor kitchen design firms in your area. To narrow down your options and ensure that you are getting the perfect fit, you should begin by conducting some preliminary interviews. Below, we will discuss 9 of the most important questions you should ask throughout this interviewing process. By taking the time to compare your options, you’ll be one step closer to creating the perfect outdoor kitchen.

1. How Does the Kitchen Design Process Work?

Every potential kitchen design firm you contact will do things a little bit differently than the others. Usually, the design process consists of identifying your specific needs and restraints, creating an initial blueprint, deciding on key details (like cabinet colors), and then getting to work. There are many different elements of visual design, so understanding how your designer makes specific decisions will be crucial.

2. What Appliances Should I Include in My Outdoor Kitchen?

The main difference between an outdoor kitchen and an outdoor eating area is the appliances. Inevitably, the appliances you choose to incorporate will directly affect the range of delicious meals you can potentially create. In addition to the all-important grill, you might also want to install an outdoor oven, a stove, an outdoor refrigerator, and whatever other appliances you might need. Creating a kitchen island can help you subtly increase the number of appliances being incorporated.

3. Can I See Some Examples of Your Previous Work?

Every kitchen design team will “talk the talk”, but if you are serious about your outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to be sure that your prospective partners can also “walk the walk.” Ask each prospective designer about the previous outdoor kitchens they’ve helped design. Not only will this help you become much more confident in whoever you end up choosing, but it also might help you find some inspiring outdoor kitchen ideas.

4. What Types of Outdoor Cabinets Do You Currently Offer?

Outdoor kitchen cabinets play important functional and aesthetic roles. Functionally, the cabinets will increase your total storage area, making it easier to store plates, cookware, and other important materials outside. Aesthetically, the cabinets will take up a large amount of surface area, meaning the cabinets will directly affect the visual makeup of the entire kitchen. In addition to being able to choose from a wide range of cabinet colors, you will also be able to customize the cabinets’ texture and patterns.

5. How Does Your Firm Respond to Design Obstacles and Challenges?

While all outdoor kitchen designers obviously want things to go perfectly, there are some potential obstacles that might arise. If there is a building issue, a permit issue, an available supply issue, or any other type of problem, your kitchen designers will need to know how to react. Understanding how each prospective designer responds in these situations will help you understand what your long-term relationship will be like.

6. How can I Make My Outdoor Kitchen Unique?

There are limitless creative design features that can help make your outdoor kitchen completely different from any other. Special features can include an outdoor fire pit, an outdoor fountain, statutes and other types of art, and interactive cooking features like a fire pit or fondue. The seating selections you choose can also add a bit of character, art, and personality to your outdoor kitchen.

7. Will an Outdoor Kitchen Increase the Value of My Home?

There are many reasons a person might consider investing in a new outdoor kitchen or outdoor dining area. Usually, people want to create these sorts of spaces because they are perfect for entertaining guests or simply enjoying a beautiful day outdoors. However, people also choose to invest in outdoor kitchens because it tangibly improves the value of their property. A high-quality outdoor kitchen can add 25,000 USD of value to your property or even more. Be sure to ask about not only how the kitchen will add value to your life, but also impact your ability to sell your home (when needed).

8. What is Your Current Pricing Structure?

Though few people want to talk about money, you’ll of course want to keep the cost of creating an outdoor kitchen in mind. With customizable kitchen design options available, you can choose from a simple upgrade to a total renovation—whatever your current budget might be, there is likely a kitchen design that works for you. Ask your prospective partner about their pricing structure, as well as their budget management.

9. Who Will Be My Primary Point of Contact?

Creating a full outdoor kitchen is a comprehensive process that can potentially require several weeks of work. If you have questions, inquiries, or special requests, you’ll want to be able to quickly communicate with your designers and other essential contractors. Clarify your primary point of contact in advance, so you are not forced to play catch up later on.

Conclusion – 9 Questions to Ask when Hiring an Outdoor Kitchen Designer

If you have begun the process of comparing outdoor kitchen designers in your area, you’ve already begun a very exciting journey. However, before committing to anything, you’ll want to make sure you have a compatible team by your side. Taking the time to ask these important questions will help ensure you find the perfect fit.