Chef Survival Camping Knife Kitchen Utility Folding Sharp Edge Design Launched

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Liong Mah, previously a Chef to several prestigious New York City restaurants and a lover of Everyday Carry Knives, has announced the release of the new Kitchen Utility Folder Knife – version 3.0.

Liong Mah Design, a website specializing in high-quality folding knives and pocket tools, has announced the release of the Liong Mah Kitchen Utility Folder knife – version 3.0. The Kitchen Utility Folder (KUF) is the result of custom concept knife-blade evolution, and exclusive as one among the sole folding knives currently on the market with a cutting edge that drops lower than the handle.

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With the release of this new Kitchen Utility Folding knife, Liong Mah aims to make available an exquisite, high-performance, high-quality cutting tool to all users of the same.

The Kitchen Utility Folder was designed with a flat grind that causes the knife edge and blade to be extremely sharp. The grind allows the entire length of the knife blade to enter into the object it is cutting.

This utility knife meets all the needs of a professional chef. The folding knife is functional and useful in many situations. It can be used as a survival knife and a camping knife, possessing the robustness needed for such things as well as the functionality similar to a French kitchen knife used outdoors.

The KUF belongs to what is known as The Everyday Carry (EDC) line. It comes in both a 3-inch as well as a 4-inch blade version.

In the manufacturing process, Elmax steel, made in Austria and Sweden, was specifically selected for its property in edge retention, hardness, stainless steel qualities, wear-resistance, and pricing.

The EDC line uses the monoblock construction method inspired by Strider Knives. Since this uses aerospace-grade plastic or carbon fiber, it creates a lightweight and strong folder.

Furthermore, Mah’s knives are made up of two separate pieces instead of the usual three which increases the strength and rigidity of the knife. This also generates fewer parts to clean for the EDC person who enjoys taking knives apart to clean.

The Liong Mah Design was created by Liong Mah, previously a Culinary and Pastry Chef in New York City. Mah’s fascination with knives began at an early age and increased as time went by.

Mah spent the past 18 years honing knife designs and finally executing the creations. Each knife created is the result of a commitment to fine engineering and craftsmanship.

Liong Mah states: “As someone who has been cooking for a long time I wanted to design a knife a chef would use any time, and the drop edge is very useful for everyday tasks. It even gives it an advantage with survival tasks. There was no folding kitchen knife concept. I wanted to bring out the potential.”

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