NYC Seafood Delivery Quality Fresh Maine Lobster Meat and Cooking Kits Announced

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AllFreshSeafood announced the release of a new Maine lobster roll and dumpling cooking kit, along with other premium lobster meat offerings. The company ships items overnight from its NYC market.

AllFreshSeafood, an online store specializing in selling high-quality seafood products, announced the release of a Maine lobster roll and dumpling combo. The food kit will be available to buyers throughout the US.

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The latest announcement aims to help AllFreshSeafood continue providing fresh seafood to people’s doors.

The lobster meat in the roll and dumpling combo is caught off Maine’s coast and free from chemicals. Both claw and knuckle meat are included in the package.

AllFreshSeafood’s Maine lobster roll and dumpling combo comes with split-top style New England Brioche Rolls. Chive butter is also a featured side, while buyers can use a spice blend for their cooking.

Besides the lobster roll kit, the company sells lobster meat on its own. This is shipped from its fish market overnight, located in New York City. Add-ons such as lemons, cocktail sauce, and shrimp are available.

Online shoppers can pay for their lobster meat with all of the major US credit card methods. Aside from Visa, American Express, and MasterCard, PayPal payments are supported too. Buyers making purchases from their phones can also use ApplePay.

Other kinds of lobster sold by AllFreshSeafood include summer rolls, risotto puffs, and lobster cakes. Away from lobster, the website sells fresh fish, shellfish, ready-made meals, and smoked fish.

The lobster meat announcement is part of the company’s commitment to making affordable fresh seafood more accessible.

AllFreshSeafood was established in 2000 and has since become one of the most popular seafood sellers in the US. The company provides freshly-caught fish and other products to businesses throughout the Big Apple. Its primary market is located in the Grand Central Terminal Market in Manhattan.

One satisfied customer for the company’s Pescatore restaurant in NYC said: “I have ordered several times from Pescatore Seafood, (our retail store) and have loved everything – including the customer service! I received phone calls from one or another of the owners when they had questions about my orders, and all of the seafood has been excellent.”

“Lobster meat, lump crab meat, crab cakes, scallops; it has all been of the freshest and highest quality and is a joy to cook with and eat. It just doesn’t get better than All Fresh Seafood!”

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