Children Financial Literacy Money Management Gamified Online Course Launched

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MoneyTime, a new online financial literacy course for children and teenagers, has been launched. It covers a wide range of topics, such as borrowing, investment, employment, and business basics.

Kids Products Review published a review of MoneyTime, a newly launched financial literacy online course for pre-teens, teens, and their parents. MoneyTime has already helped over 30,000 children learn about money management, banking, investing, and business basics.

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The newly launched course aims to help parents build a foundation for their children’s financial success in the future by teaching them about earning, spending, saving, and investing money.

Financial literacy is an essential life skill that helps children become financially confident adults. Most often money management basics are not taught at school, and it’s the parents’ responsibility to make sure their kids develop positive financial habits. However, most parents do not know where to start when it comes to teaching kids about money.

MoneyTime is an affordable interactive gamified course that teaches kids about money in a way they can understand. It is suitable for children between the ages of 10 and 14.

It has a comprehensive program that covers 30 practical personal finance topics. The lessons are grouped into several modules, including earning and employment, budgets, banking, loans and borrowing, mortgages and buying property, insurance, investing, and online security.

MoneyTime can also be used as an entrepreneurship program for children as it covers business basics, marketing, promotion, profit and loss. The course includes automatically marked quizzes, awards, and certificates.

MoneyTime is a great choice for homeschooling. It can be used as a unit study elective or as part of the personal finance component for an Economics credit. No webinars, lesson planning, or pre-reading are required. The course is self-taught so no teaching by parents is necessary. For parents that want to work through the program with their child, a printable Study Guide for Parents is available.

“The MoneyTime financial literacy curriculum is the best online program on financial literacy for kids,” said a satisfied client. “Teaching children to be money smart while they are still under their parents’ financial responsibility will set them up with positive financial habits.”

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