Flowers Like Dandelions May Help Manage Blood Pressure, Experts Say

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( — March 15, 2021) Orlando, FL — Managing blood pressure levels is vital for various aspects of health, especially for the heart.

According to experts, hypertension develops when blood pressure reaches unhealthy levels. It is quite common as almost half of adults in the U.S. are diagnosed with this condition. It is worth noting this condition develops over the course of several years. 

It is important to be warned that even in the absence of symptoms, hypertension can be damaging to the organs and blood vessels. It may be particularly detrimental to the eyes, heart, brain, and kidneys.

Once it produces symptoms, it leads to nosebleeds, headaches, shortness of breath, flushing, dizziness, visual changes, chest pain, and blood in the urine.

Over decades, researchers have been looking into the ways to help manage blood pressure levels. There are habit changes highly recommended such as following the right diet and engaging in physical activities.

Some studies also reveal that the use of certain remedies may be useful for blood pressure management. These include dandelions, which are a flowering plant thriving in many areas around the globe. 

It has long been used in traditional herbal medicine practices, and is found to have a variety of therapeutic properties. 

Some studies even suggest it may help in battling conditions, such as liver disease, digestive disorders, and acne. 

One of the best benefits of using dandelions is that it may aid in reducing blood pressure levels. This means that it could be helpful for the millions of people struggling to combat hypertension. 

It is worth noting that traditional herbal medicine practices utilize dandelion due to its diuretic effect and its ability to detoxify some organs. It is further important to realize that in Western medicine, diuretic medications are utilized to eliminate excess fluid, and this helps lessen blood pressure levels.

In one human study, it is found dandelion produces effective diuretic effects.  What makes this therapeutic ingredient even more beneficial is that it contains potassium. Previous research studies suggest that potassium is linked with reductions in blood pressure in individuals with previously elevated levels. 

More studies are still being carried out to explore the healing goodness of this remedy. It may be conveniently consumed via the use of supplements like Divine Bounty D-mannose. 

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