Appliances Connection Launched Extended US Laundry And Cooking Product Options

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One of America’s largest online appliance distributors, Appliances Connection, have announced the launch of an extended range of affordable appliances including cooking, dishwashers, and air-conditioners.

Major online appliance distributors Appliances Connection have launched an extended range of home-appliances to suit a variety of budgets.

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The recently extended product range comes in recognition of the financial hardship that many American families are experiencing, particularly after the events of 2020.

With increasing housing prices across the USA, and the economic difficulties experienced in 2020, many new homeowners and existing homeowners are finding it difficult to furnish their home with quality furniture and appliances.

Purchasing a new home can be costly exercise, particularly for first-home buyers, and often funds are low at the precise time that new appliances are a necessity. In many cases people in this situation are forced to purchase second-hand or low-quality goods, which is less than ideal for a new home. The recently extended product-range from Appliances Connection aims to assist people in this situation

In addition, many Americans are have found themselves out of work due to the current pandemic, and an increasing number of people are finding it difficult to replace old or faulty equipment with new ones.

Appliances Connection are one of the largest distributors of appliances in the USA and have significant purchasing power with major manufacturers. The company are often able to offer special ‘closeout deals’ on selected products and clients are encouraged to visit the website regularly for such offers.

The purchasing power of Appliances Connection means they are also able to offer a price-match guarantee across the entire range, and often prices offered are the lowest available on the market.

Appliances Connection stocks a wide range of popular appliance brands and products, including laundry, refrigeration, cooking, dishwashers, air-conditioners in addition to a range of furniture and commercial products. The company offers an installation service as well as removal of old appliances. More information can be found at:

A satisfied client said: “Appliances Connection did an excellent job in delivering our washer and dryer. One of the reasons I used them was because they didn’t charge extra for indoor delivery.”

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