Sydney NSW Distressed Properties Expert Fix Flip And Sell Webinar Launched

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DG Institute has launched an exclusive webinar on fixing and flipping distressed and undervalued Australian properties that they can purchase at 10-40 percent under market value.

DG Institute, a property and wealth education company based in Sydney, New South Wales, launched a webinar for individuals and property entrepreneurs interested in growing wealth in the Australian property market and gaining financial independence through property investment and development.

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The newly launched webinar – a preliminary event to the full-fledged Rescue Estate Rescue (RER) program – aims to provide participants with insights on how to identify and acquire undervalued properties in the Australian market at potentially 10-40 per cent below market value.

Survey shows that aspiring property investors who fail to succeed in the property market either act too impulsively based on poor knowledge or are overly cautious to take any action at all, preventing them from creating or growing wealth.

Aimed at individuals looking to get started in real estate and generate revenue, the webinar will teach participants how to find, fix, and flip distressed properties that they can purchase 10-40 per cent under market value, for the highest potential returns.

The webinar shares snippets of the exclusive content taught in the RER program, which includes understanding legal, banking, and finance systems for distressed properties, how to buy ‘pre-foreclosure’ properties at high discounts from the bank, as well as negotiating win-win outcomes with lenders and property owners.

The RER program provides participants with the blueprint to search and secure instant equity homes that may otherwise take years to achieve through conventional buy and hold investment plans.

The latest announcement is in line with DG Institute’s commitment to empowering Australians to grow and protect their wealth by equipping them with property and business education to help them achieve financial independence.

A satisfied client: “We’ve been with DG Institute for two years, and we are currently up to our sixth property, buying, renovating, and selling. Just on the renovations alone, we have made probably close to AU$300,000.”

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