The Common Types of Digital Marketing: A Detailed Guide

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( — March 13, 2021) — Are you concerned that your company is missing out on customers on the internet? That isn’t surprising. When 78% of internet users now conduct product research online, you need an easy way to get your business in front of them.

If you want to get started using digital marketing to promote your business, it pays to know your options. Below are the common types of digital marketing that are worth trying.

SEO Marketing

Google controls much of the global traffic. When people want to find something on the internet, the first place they go to is the Google search engine.

This means that there is plenty of free traffic you can take advantage of if you manage to rank on the search results’ first page. The question is, how do you get there?

SEO marketing is the process of creating targeted content on your website with the intent of ranking on Google. Your goal is to research keywords that get good search volume and create targeted articles that answer those questions better than any other website.

Once you have your content, you need to optimize each web page. Create meta titles and descriptions with your target keyword and convince people that your content is worth viewing.

Once you have great content, you can start getting backlinks. A backlink is like a vote for your site. The more high-powered votes your site has, the more authority your site has in the eyes of Google.

Display Ads

Sometimes you need traffic to your website right away. Other marketing methods are slow and take time to work. Display ads will provide you traffic as soon as you pay the advertiser.

Your goal with paid ads is to segment your target audience as much as possible to target only your ideal customer. Once you have your demographics ironed out, you create compelling headlines and ad copy that appeals to those people.

Unfortunately, you likely won’t make money straight away with paid ads. You’ll need to refine your ads as you gather data until your campaigns are profitable.

Many businesses use a professional company that has experience optimizing ad campaigns. Reach out to a marketing company like Media Shark to learn how they can help.

Video Marketing

While text content still makes up a lot of content on the internet today, that number is going down. As people continue to get high-speed internet connections, the amount of video consumed is going up. That trend is likely to continue more in the future, as well.

Video marketing is a great way to tell the story of your brand. If you don’t want to make videos yourself, you can buy video ads to play commercials.

If you want to build a following on video, you can create a YouTube channel for your business. Your goal with this channel is to provide your viewers informational content that shows them that you’re an expert. You can use your videos to drive traffic back to your site to make sales.

Email Marketing

The last thing you want in marketing is to continue advertising to the same people to get them back to your store. You need a way to reach out to them after becoming a customer or showing any interest in buying. Email marketing is one of your best digital marketing options to do that.

You build your list by asking for your customer’s email during their visit to your website. Many companies use opt-in forms to build their list. You entice people to join by offering a freebie or discount by joining your list.

You can also put people on your email list after they purchase from you online. You should collect emails during the checkout process. Send that information to your email list provider to add those users.

Once you have a list, you can send them communications whenever you wish. Limit the amount of selling you do and maximize the amount of value you provide. Your goal is to prove that your company is reputable and can be trusted.

Influencer Marketing

People get product recommendations a lot different these days. They used to go to their friends and family to see what’s new. If they couldn’t find recommendations there, they would head online to find reviews.

Today, people look to influencers to see what to buy.

An influencer is a social media user who has amassed a large following. Brands reach out to these people and pay them to post their products to their social media feeds.

You can find influencers with a few thousand followers or ones with millions. Each individual charges a different amount, so you’ll need to reach out to each one to work out a deal. If you have a trendy product with visual appeal, influencer marketing is a great way to get it out to the world.

Affiliate Marketing

Do you have the budget to hire employees to sit around and make sales for your company? Not every company does. Luckily, you can use internet marketing to have marketers promote your products for free.

Affiliate marketing is the practice of using other marketers to drive traffic to your website. You give them a referral code, and they get credit for each sale they make.

You don’t need to pay these marketers a salary. Instead, you pay them a percentage of the sale they make. This method allows companies to use other marketers to push their products with minimal upfront costs.

Now You Know the Types of Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing is large, so make sure you do your research before getting started. Now that you know the types of digital marketing that are most used, you can start diving into how each of them works. Of course, there are more kinds of digital marketing out there, so don’t stick with the methods everyone else uses.

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