Ergonomic Desk Chair Comfortable Posture Improvement Back Pain Solution Launched

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All 33 has designed a new ergonomic chair designed to alleviate back pain. The Backstrong C1 increases flexibility, improves posture, and relieves pressure points associated with back problems.

All 33, a Beverly Hills-based company that designs and manufactures ergonomic desk chairs that provide back health support, has launched the Backstrong C1 Chair.

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The launch has been designed for individuals who wish to make their workday more enjoyable by investing in their health and comfort. It’s particularly well-suited for people who suffer from lower back pain that is the result of poor posture and hours spent sitting at a desk.

The company explains that static posture is the number one cause of Musculoskeletal Disorders and that the Backstrong C1 Chair uses sit-in-motion technology to combat this. Featuring an ergonomic design, the chair softly cradles the lower back to promote improved posture and relieve pressure points in the back that are related to pain.

It has been designed using the feedback of over 1,000 back pain sufferers and features an adjustable seat height lever, a 360-degree swivel, soft foam padding for a comfortable sit, and foldaway arms that allow individuals to move closer to their work desks.

As a result, individuals will be able to comfortably sit straight all day, and keep their vertebrae in alignment, as they move forward or back. They will notice increased flexibility, a reduction in neck and shoulder strain, and improved circulation that reduces signs of fatigue and muscle strain associated with long periods of sitting down.

The chair also improves the flow of oxygen around the body and supports the healthy functioning of the respiratory system, while boosting energy levels and engaging the core. As part of the launch, the Backstrong C1 Chair is available in Vegan Leather or Fabric and can be purchased on the company’s website for $799.

Patrick, a previous customer, says, “Just got back from vacation and sat comfortably catching up on work emails all day long without having to reset my position. Energy and efficiency are both noticeably improved!”

All 33 is a company based in the United States that creates chairs for the workplace that promote back health and feature sit-in-motion technology. Their mission is to improve health and wellness and reduce suffering related to back, neck, and shoulder pain.

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