Denver Custom Diamond Engagement Ring Jewelry Personalization Service Launched

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A custom diamond engagement ring is now available at Denver jewelers, Kortz. The team at Kortz works with each customer to create an original and unique diamond ring design.

Kortz Originals, a jeweler based in Denver that works with customers to create unique jewelry items, has launched a custom diamond engagement ring design and craft service.

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The launch gives customers the opportunity to design an engagement ring that is completely unique and original and designed according to their specifications and requirements. The custom diamond engagement ring is crafted by a fourth-generation jeweler and a team of highly-trained craftsmen and women.

Creating the custom diamond engagement ring involves a four-step process. Once customers have sent the company their ideas, they will work together to customize a design. When a design has been agreed upon, the company will create a wax mold of the ring, before finalizing the piece.

The service uses Countersketch. The company explains that Countersketch is an online design program that enables customers to view and modify each design on the spot throughout the process. The program generates a 3D preview of the custom diamond ring design and offers a wide selection of customization options. During this stage of the process, customers will be able to view a finalized image of their design, along with a price estimate.

A jeweler by appointment service is also available as part of the launch. Head jeweler Kortz will meet with clients in their homes or other locations at a mutually agreed time to discuss and finalize custom designs.

Interested parties can visit the website to make an appointment. They will be required to input their details into a form and can select the type of custom jewelry they require. Customers can also upload photos of similar pieces they have seen. Consultations can take place online or in-person and are provided on a complimentary basis.

Kortz Originals is a custom jewelry designer based in the United States. The company works with customers to create hand-crafted custom jewelry items such as rings and pendants. They specialize in helping their clients create timeless heirlooms for their loved ones and are the oldest jewelry store in Colorado.

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