Social Emotional Skills Productive Gaming And Screen Time Program Launched

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An evidence-based online education program has been launched to build children’s social emotional skills. CuraFUN’s interactive learning and AI deliver productive screen time activities.

curaFUN has launched an interactive online program to guide young people toward emotional intelligence (EQ) and multilingualism. The program is available in English and/or Mandarin Chinese.

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curaFUN’s updated online learning program addresses parental concerns that kids spend too much time online. A recent report from Common Sense Media shows that children aged eight to 12 spend nearly five hours daily using screens for entertainment.

In addition, researchers have discovered that children need emotional as well as academic development. Skills like confidence, empathy, and interacting with others have been shown to be essential to academic success.

CuraFUN’s staff including education researchers and clinical psychologists have designed a learning portal to address parental concerns and make screen time productive.

Young participants in CuraFUN programs experience virtual learning in the digital platform they favor. But instead of wasting time online, the CuraFUN curriculum develops core social emotional skills including self-control, self-awareness and intra-personal skills. Improvements in curaFUN’s StrengthBuilder program has been shown to reflect equivalent progress outside and after the program, in the real world.

Pre-schoolers and school-age kids experience social problem solving activities in the form of stories and play. While engaged in CuraFUN’s immersive online experiences, they absorb social emotional learning that supports comprehension and traditional academic learning and problem solving. For more details, please visit

The CuraFUN program employs evidence-based computer learning techniques proven as part of a U.S. Department of Education grant. The approach has been validated by the National Science Foundation, clinical psychologists, focus groups and others.

CuraFUN’s artificial intelligence algorithms assess student attainment compared to benchmarked data, then adapt the curriculum per individual student need to build skills of inner strength.

The Strength Builder subscription program improves six core emotional learning areas: communication, cooperation, empathy, resilience, discipline, and confidence.

The program is available in English or Mandarin Chinese to add an important multilingual component. Evaluation, progress reports, and recommendations are provided to parents as part of the program.

“Despite receiving the best possible education, not all children will succeed in life at an equal level once they leave the cocoon of school,” a CuraFUN spokesperson said. “Other factors such as social-emotional skills, cultural fluidity and character strengths are equally important.”

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