More Experts Recommend Bananas for an Immunity-Boosting Diet

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( — March 19, 2021) Orlando, FL — Having a strengthened immune system is highly influential on one’s chances of surviving Covid-19. This is why more and more experts are strongly recommending some measures to help people have a boosted immune system. 

One of the ways to protect it is to learn about its threats, which can range from lifestyle habits to toxin exposure. 

In various research studies, it has been found that inadequate sleep could wreak havoc on immunity. There are other unhealthy habits to avoid such as excessive stress levels or chronic stress and having a sedentary lifestyle.

There are also dietary improvements scientifically found to be beneficial, and these include intake of fruits like bananas.

This fruit has long been known to be one of the world’s best sources of potassium. It is worth noting that it is also loaded with vitamin B6, fiber, and other nutrients.

Copper is one of the medicinal nutrients in this fruit, and it has been found to function as an antioxidant that supports immunity. This is due to its ability to offer protection to the cells from damage during chemical reactions. 

What makes bananas even more beneficial is that they have vitamin C, which stimulates the production of white blood cells. Otherwise known as lymphocytes, white blood cells work by attacking invading pathogens like bacteria and regulating immune response.

They also help with the production of antibodies. 

Scientists say that bananas are a prebiotic food, which means it could offer support to gut health. It is important to keep in mind that gut health has long been found to be influential to the body’s defenses. 

This means keeping it healthy and protected may also produce positive health outcomes for immunity. The vitamin B6 that this fruit contains is also required in keeping proper functioning of the immune system. 

Vitamin B6 has been found vital in the production of proteins like cytokines and antibodies, which are specialized cells in the immune system. Bananas even have folate, which is also needed in the synthesis of cytokines involved in immune response regulation.

More studies are still underway to learn about the immunity-boosting effects of these nutrients. In addition to eating bananas, some formulas like Divine Bounty B Vitamins may also be helpful for delivering immunity-boosting benefits.

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