At-Home Medical Fitness Machine Cardiovascular Health Resistance Device Launched

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An updated version of the total-body fitness device, the CorePump Machine, has been launched. The machine can be used to improve cardiovascular health, muscle tone, core strength, and flexibility.

CorePump LLC, an online health and fitness retailer based in Phoenix, Arizona, has launched an updated model of its popular device, the CorePump Machine. The company’s commercial-grade gym equipment can be used to improve strength, endurance, and power.

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Social distancing guidelines due to the current pandemic have lead to the closure of gym and fitness centers around the world. With the new CorePump Machine, customers can engage in an efficient total body workout from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

In order for a fitness regimen to be effective, it should meet four common goals: cardiovascular health, muscle tone, core strength, and flexibility. The CorePump Machine’s 66 handle position capabilities, 6 different resistance settings, and adjustable platform allow users to meet these four pillars of fitness with just one simple machine.

Using Smart Resistance, an adaptive resistance technology that continuously shifts depending on user output, the CorePump Machine safely works all muscle groups while eliminating the risk of tearing or injury.

Not only does Smart Resistance provide the same aerobic and anaerobic health benefits as typical resistance training, but it also prevents the user from experiencing any unpleasant sudden movements.

The low-impact equipment also offers a non-inflammatory type of resistance that reduces soreness and relieves pressure from a user’s joints.

Sized at just two by two feet, the CorePump Machine is small enough to fit in any tight or compact space.

The state-of-the-art fitness device does not require any electricity, making it both eco-friendly and whisper-quiet.

The new CorePump Machine has been approved by healthcare officials as certified medical fitness equipment. Additionally, the equipment has been evaluated as a medical fitness device effective in improving both cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary health.

CorePump LLC currently offers its complete fitness machine online in four unique color options: Crimson Red, Tuxedo Black, Gunmetal Grey, and Violet Purple.

A satisfied customer said: “The CorePump is such a great and effective exercise machine. It’s very easy to use with optional challenging resistances to make the necessary progressions for any person at any fitness level.”

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