Massage and Its Effect on Some Health Conditions

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( — March 12, 2021) —

Soon after the birth of a child, massage therapy is the first thing to comes into his or her life. It is the first physical touch from a mother that transfers positive energy to the child. 

If we look at massage therapy from today’s point of view, while studying the positive and negative effects of massage as a therapy, when we got the entire information, we came up with the word called massage.

We look at massage from a medical point of view and see its effect on many illnesses on a cellular level. The word massage is derived from the Latin word “massare”, which means grunting. The Arabic version of massage is “mas” which means pressing. It was first discovered in the literature for the first time in 1813 which was used in France by Lepage. The massage existed from ancient times.

An ancient Man suffering from pain and swelling throughout the body might have used massage for treatment. Massage therapy as an alternative to medical treatment has been in existence since 3000 years ago. BC, and was being practiced in ancient Asian cultures in India and China. Massage therapy was used by the Egyptians, the Assyrians, the Persians, and the ancient Greeks and Romans as a potential method of curing diseased and injured parts of the body.

Some of the famous doctors Hippocrates and Galen recommended that massage is one of the best ways of treatment. The first data for a sports massage comes from the Roman period, and the modern medicinal trend has come from the Swedes Per Henrik Ling in the 18th century. If you are looking for tantric massage south kensington, click on the link.

The popularity of massage therapy as a therapeutic intervention in health care settings has changed considerably. This change is brought about by the medical professionals, who believe that medications and surgical procedures are required to mitigate pain from disease and suffering. But in recent years, people have shown interest in massage therapies, which forced scientists to research and find the effects of massage and its usage as a therapeutic method.

Material and Method

This study made an investigation collecting medical databases, to fix all knowledge and compare with other studies to understand the effectiveness of massage therapy. Its effect is under observation for centuries and is available as records in medical books. The key searches of this investigation were massage, the effectiveness of therapy, area of application, history of application, effectiveness in illness, and proven effects with measurable parameters. The study analyzed 38 illnesses, demonstrating side effects of massage and aroma massage as an amalgamation of two therapy effects.

Illnesses treated by Massage therapy

Researchers have proved that massage therapy can reduce pain, high blood pressure, heart rate, lower back pain, and increase blood flow. It relaxes muscles, increases range of motion, and increases the endorphin system, which all help to treat a patient.

Massage therapy may not increase the strength of your muscle but it can activate weak muscles and make them strong. Massage helps to compensate for the lack of exercise and inactivity due to critical illness or injury.

Massage can help to combat stress-related physical conditions, including body fatigue, Anxiety, depression, Headaches and migraines, repetitive stress injuries, Pain including muscle pain, neck pain, back, and shoulder-neck pain. Get rid of these pains, contact massage bond street today.


Your massage treatment is done in a massage room. Therapists try to make you feel as comfortable as you can. After your massage session, you tend to feel relaxed and stress-free. Sometimes, massage is so relaxing that you sleep in the middle of the session.