Sterling VA Return To Work Office Partition Barrier Sanitation Items Launched

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Sumner Products has launched a range of custom office furniture for the workplace. The range includes partitions and sneeze guards and helps employees return to work.

Sumner Products, a workplace furniture and design product shop, based in Virginia, has launched new office items to help employees safely return to work.

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The new products have been launched in response to the ongoing pandemic and have been created to help stop the spread of germs and infection. The products are ideally suited to office spaces and allow employees to safely return to work.

The company explains that these products can help business owners create a safe working space and prepare for their employees’ imminent return to work. Included in the launch is a wide variety of items that can block germs and help to reduce the risk of infection.

These items include a selection of screens and barriers such as sneeze guards, acrylic screens, floor-to-ceiling room partitions, and cubicle partitions, as well as a range of sanitation devices. An automatic freestanding hand sanitizer dispenser is available for purchase on the website and can be used to keep office spaces clean and free from infection.

Customers can purchase partitions, screens, and guards in a variety of different sizes, and can also find a selection of mounts and brackets on the website. Prices start at $20.70.

The company explains that by using their newly launched products, business owners can ensure their office is designed to support the optimal health of their employees and allows them to return to work sooner. They say the products can help business owners avoid HR and legal issues, and ultimately save lives.

Installation is included with the purchase of the items, and the company is able to provide a wide range of creative customized solutions to fit the space. Interested parties can visit the website to request a custom fit-out.

Sumner Products is a Virginia-based company that supplies furniture for office spaces. In response to the pandemic, they have created a range of products that allow employees to safely return to work. Their mission is to block germs, keep their clientele as safe as possible, and ensure office spaces are reconfigured for optimal health.

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