Credit Card Processing Company That Eliminates Merchants Fees Was Just Launched

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Columbus, Georgia-based Speedy Merchant Services launched a credit card processing service that eliminates merchants fees. And is geared toward helping small to mid size businesses.

Speedy Merchant Services, a C&T Holdings Group company has just launched a credit card processing service, under their “Speedy” brand, that caters to small and midsize businesses and eliminates costly merchant service fees. In addition, the company also offers a rebate of 5% on any net revenue it earns from processing the transactions.

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The new service aims to save smaller businesses money and provide the kinds of benefits traditionally offered only to larger retailers and established online stores.

Accepting credit cards is the norm for most businesses today, but consumers don’t realize how much it costs merchants each time they swipe their card. Credit card processing fees can be complicated and costly, often totaling up to 5% of each sale between monthly and per-transaction fees. All of this adds up, especially for small businesses with narrow profit margins.

Speedy Merchant Services offers credit card processing with none of the merchant processing fees in most cases. In addition, the company delivers businesses a monthly cash rebate of 5% of the profits it makes from processing their transactions. The higher the transaction volume, the more cash back a business will receive.

Equipment for processing credit cards using Speedy’s service is provided free of charge. This includes a state of the art POS system for restaurants and retail businesses which could save merchants tens of thousands of dollars, wireless processing terminals, electronic cash registers with integrated processing technology, phone swipe equipment and an e-commerce gateway for online sales. The equipment is provided regardless of length of time in business or credit history, so even startups are able to use the service and benefit from the equipment.

An additional benefit of Speedy’s processing service is that transactions made by credit cards in many cases are funded quickly, as soon as the same day, compared to the 48- to 72-hour turnaround times of other processing companies. Typically only larger businesses with long credit histories are able to receive same day funding. The company also offers responsive customer service based in the US.

The latest announcement is in line with the parent company’s dedication to building systems that allow smaller businesses to capitalize on the same savings opportunities normally only afforded to larger retailers. They accomplish this with all their Speedy brand companies by a simple but very effective formula of grouping together all the small to mid size businesses that use their products and services to equal or exceed the volume of very large companies, so they can not only use this leverage to offer similar services to their smaller merchants that sign up with them, but actually offer significantly better products and services in many cases, to turn the tables on these huge companies that have been putting the smaller merchant out of business and actually give them a competitive edge in the marketplace today, in most cases.

“We are steadily developing new technology that is revolutionizing the many industries we are involved in,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Their Speedy brand group of companies were created to help small and midsize business owners compete with the large retail storefronts and online businesses and help them succeed in todays very competitive marketplace.”

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