Things to Know About Making the Switch to a Computer Science Career

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( — March 15, 2021) —

The computer science field is filled with innovation, creativity, new opportunities and rapid expansion. Are you thinking about making a switch from your current position to this exciting job sector? Have you always dreamed of working in computer science but didn’t feel confident? Whether you just became aware of this interesting field or have dreamed of working in computer science your entire life, here are some things to know before you make the leap.


Choose From a Wide Variety of Jobs


Computer science is a wide-ranging field that encompasses many jobs and career opportunities. There are myriad opportunities for personal growth, technological innovation and creative thinking. You can start your own business as an entrepreneur or work for a web development company. There are jobs available for web developers, computer programmers, computer coders, data scientists, information security analysts and database administrators, to name just a few of the many careers that fall under the computer science umbrella. You could work for an established software development company or freelance in the areas of web design or coding. The sky is the limit and it is possible to combine several of your interests into a job that makes you feel excited and fulfilled to go to work everyday.


Expect a Lucrative Salary


Entry-level computer science jobs start at a pay rate of between $50,000 and $60,000. As your career moves forward, you can expect to make upwards of $100,000 per year, depending on the type of job you have within the field. Remember that there are many opportunities to advance your career within this field.


Be Open to Innovation


The computer science and technology fields are constantly innovating and developing creative solutions to everyday problems. You will need to tap into your “outside the box” thinking and be prepared to collaborate with others to problem solve. Some new and exciting facets of computer science are AI (artificial intelligence), robotics and computational biology. New technologies are being developed every day, and you should be flexible and open to continued education if you plan to work in this field.


Be Prepared for Ongoing Learning and Development


Working in the computer science field offers constant opportunities to learn about new technologies and expand upon your existing skill set. Take advantage of learning opportunities that can complement your existing job duties. For example, you may want to learn to code if you are working for a web design company. Volunteering to work with others on special projects is another good way to strengthen your skills while collaborating with coworkers.


Incorporate Other Strengths and Interests


Many of the jobs in the computer science field require a level of comfort with other disciplines, such as math and communication. For example, if you work as a data scientist, your job would include elements of statistics, written and verbal communication, math and business. A large part of data science is effectively communicating your findings to the company so that conclusions can be reached and solutions can be implemented. Another example is software design. While software designers generally design computer programs and then pass that information along to computer coders who build the program, the designer may sometimes be required to build the program themselves. Be aware of your strengths, interests and weaknesses when it comes to technology, and be prepared to build your skill set and take advantage of learning opportunities as you move forward.


Computer science is an exciting field that will only keep expanding with time. The opportunities for growth and innovation are literally endless. While it can seem intimidating to switch careers, particularly if your current job is completely unrelated to computers or technology, knowing some simple facts can give you the confidence to pursue a new and fulfilling career.