Compression Dance Socks For Arch Support Ankle Stability Footwear Launched

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Apolla Performance Wear announced that its patented compression socks are now available worldwide. The socks are designed to provide arch support while allowing a full range of motion.

Apolla Performance Wear has launched an expanded range of environmentally-friendly compression socks. The female-owned American startup now brings the premium product to worldwide customers, providing full support as well as comfort for the feet.

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The new socks are launched to benefit dancers and athletes, supporting vulnerable ligaments in the foot while allowing a full range of motion. As such, the company explains that its socks help wearers to perform their required activities and actions without discomfort.

Initially designed to reduce injury rates among dancers and performers, the Apolla socks serve as all-in-one footwear solutions with graduated compression, knit-in padding, and eco-friendly antimicrobial materials. The durable socks aim to provide stability and targeted arch support for key areas of the feet.

Known by wearers on social media as ‘shocks’, the new compression footwear products combine the support and stability of shoes with the soft and comfortable feel of socks. Company representatives emphasize that their product is designed to bring together the most beneficial qualities of specialist compression garments.

Those who suffer from joint pain, swelling, or inflammation in the foot can wear the new garments to provide relief and support. Apolla Performance Wear points to studies that have shown the compression socks to reduce force and strain on the foot, ensuring that wearers can move with greater ease.

As described by the company, further advantages of the socks include increased circulation and enhanced muscle recovery. According to Apolla Performance Wear, their socks can lead to a noticeable reduction in body fatigue.

Fashioned from sustainable, moisture-wicking yarns, the socks have been certified with the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance. With the latest announcement, Apolla Performance Wear ensures that its newly launched socks can benefit wearers the world over.

One satisfied customer said: “These are the most comfortable dance socks I have ever owned. They are super supportive in all the right places, which is a major plus for someone like me who has had ankle surgery. They are made of a high-quality material that has held up perfectly in all of my classes. I would highly recommend these socks to anyone – not just dancers.”

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