New Reports Warn Dangers of Diabetes Drugs Potentially Outweigh the Benefits

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( — March 23, 2021) Orlando, FL — As diabetes continues to be incurable, it is important to realize that the use of certain medications is necessary to manage the condition. However, it appears that these pharmaceutical drugs may not be absolutely safe to use. 

According to a study, there are side effects of diabetes medications that render them counterproductive. This is especially true for older individuals with diabetes. 

Richard Lehman, a family doctor in Banbury, UK, who was not involved in the study, says that we need to rethink our whole treatment strategy.

The investigators of the study conclude that healthcare providers should stop automatically prescribing drug treatment for the two-thirds of individuals with diabetes whose blood sugar is only slightly raised. 

Diabetes management relies on the use of certain medications and living healthy diet and lifestyle. It is important to realize that being unable to manage this condition can result in various undesirable complications, such as foot amputations, blindness, and organ damage.

It is best to take some natural measures in controlling diabetes. Multiple research studies have long demonstrated that engaging in exercise regularly is one of the most important ways to manage weight and diabetes.

It is similarly important to have a healthy diet, and this means increasing intake of the healthiest options available like fruits and vegetables.

Today, more and more experts are looking into the therapeutic effects of some natural remedies like rhodiolarosea in controlling diabetes.

In some studies, it has been found that rhodiola was able to lower blood sugar in diabetic rats. It is further worth mentioning that it worked by increasing the number of glucose transporters in the blood. 

According to experts, these transporters can reduce blood sugar due to their ability to transport glucose into the cells.

Aside from its diabetes-fighting benefits, it is important to mention that this therapeutic remedy possesses adaptogenic, anti-stress, neuroendocrine, hepatoprotective, Monoamine oxidase A (MAO-A) inhibitory, antiviral, cardioprotective, antioxidant, anticarcionogenic, and antibacterial properties.

It is important to realize that these therapeutic ingredients have long been found to be useful in warding off a range of diseases and disorders.

While more studies are still underway to learn more about rhodiola’s diabetes-fighting impacts, its use is actually widespread. As a matter of fact, there are many people nowadays who turn to the use of supplements like Divine Bounty RhodiolaRosea.

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