Livermore CA Neck Pain Relief Chiropractic Therapy Spinal Treatment Launched

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The local Livermore, CA expert medical team at Springtown Chiropractic & Wellness Center have updated their specialist treatments and therapies for relief from neck pain and upper back conditions.

Springtown Chiropractic & Wellness Center have recently updated their professional neck pain specialist services, offering residents of Livermore, CA relief from chronic pain and injuries.

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In addition to chronic back and neck pain therapies, the recently updated medical services at the Springtown clinic include chiropractic adjustments and holistic treatments for the headaches and numbness that typically accompany neck pain. Led by Dr. Jag Dhesi, the expert team of medical professionals are committed to delivering comprehensive, empathetic wellness and healing programs to the local communities.

Springtown Chiropractic & Wellness Center use state of the art technologies and techniques to practice on the cutting edge of the chiropody field. These new chiropractic methods are safe, effective, and more comfortable than ever, building on years on professional training in combination with the most up-to-date technology. The qualified team of chiropody professionals offer advanced spinal correction, as well as relief from lumbar pain and disc conditions.

The holistic benefits of the newly updated chiropractic neck treatments and massages include improved blood flow, relief from muscle spasms, increased range of motion, and reduced inflammation. The recently updated treatments at the Springtown Chiropractic & Wellness Center take the patient’s specific conditions into consideration in order to provide custom support and relief from a wide range of issues, injuries, and physical complaints.

They also offer posture and spinal screenings which can reveal underlying health conditions and give an indication of a patient’s overall physical wellbeing. This physical therapy service is ideal for people living in the Pleasanton, Alameda, Berkeley, and Hayward areas who may be suffering from neck or back pain, including spinal issues, pinched nerves, and tense muscles.

These premium updated medical services at the Springtown Chiropractic & Wellness Center offer relief from a number of neck and upper back pain-related conditions, including spinal and skeletal misalignment, poor blood circulation, and strained muscle and tissue injuries.

A spokesperson for the company said “Patients seeking treatment at Springtown Chiropractic & Wellness Center with Dr. Jag Dhesi are assured of receiving only the finest quality care through the use of modern chiropractic equipment and technology.”

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