Austin TX OEM Custom Vendor Inventory Management Readiness Company Launched

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Austin Precision Machining and Manufacturing expands their inventory management services to businesses across Greater Austin. They manufacture and supply CNC-machined OEM parts across the region.

Greater Austin contract manufacturer Austin Precision Machining and Manufacturing (APMM) announced the expansion of its OEM inventory management services. The company creates customized machining solutions for clients looking to lower inventory costs and improve inventory control.

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The Pflugerville-based CNC machining company continues to expand its inventory management practice, serving clients in the aerospace, automotive, medical, electronics, semiconductors, and automation industries.

APMM offers a complete range of R&D, design, fabrication, manufacturing, and project management services to help businesses keep their inventory current and efficient. The company specializes in quick turnarounds on low-volume and high-volume orders of standard OEM parts.

The OEM parts manufacturer in Austin, Texas is equipped to design and manufacture custom mechanical parts. The multidisciplinary team at APMM includes R&D specialists, software specialists to port and program fabrication jobs, and expert production technicians. The company provides prototyping services and can modify off-the-shelf products.

The project management team at APMM works closely with customers, helping them optimize their inventory levels and eliminate storage concerns through effective inventory management. Customized OEM inventory readiness and management solutions include industry-leading contract electronic assembly and box build. Learn more at

APMM focuses on delivering world-class quality on standard and custom parts and on-time delivery to all customer locations. The company leverages partnerships with global manufacturers to meet international orders.

The CNC machining specialists provide onsite and offsite fabrication and CNC machining solutions alongside welding, complex assembly, and advanced engineering and testing services.

According to a spokesperson for the OEM parts manufacturer, “We take pride in being a highly efficient machining and manufacturing company that’s powered by state-of-the-art machinery and backed by multi-talented, experienced management staff. We are delighted to expand our inventory management services to more locations across Greater Austin and aim to be the preferred provider of high-quality mechanical parts in the region.”

Austin Precision Machining and Manufacturing is a full-service mechanical parts manufacturer and CNC machining company. They have more than a decade of experience in precision manufacturing, electrical assembly, prototyping, and sub-manufacturing. The company offers free pickup and delivery on local orders.

Call APMM at 512-337-6598 or visit to schedule a consultation or to request a quote.