The 4 Reasons To Retire in Mexico as a Us Expat

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( — March 17, 2021) — When you retire you have to be very careful about your expenses. Being on a fixed income can mean having to tighten the belt and make some sacrifices. Unless, of course, you move somewhere that allows you to live in style for a fraction of the cost of the US and Canada. 

For many, this means transferring to Mexico once retirement age hits and work is done. There are a lot of great reasons to retire in Mexico. In this article, we will go over several of those reasons so you can decide if it is going to be the right move for you once you are ready to settle into retirement. 

1 – Cheap healthcare

When you are retired and dependent on Medicare, you can end up paying quite a bit in terms of healthcare. In Mexico, the cost of services is far less than what they would cost in the US, for example. And the care is excellent. 

If you have Mexican health insurance, you will have access to doctors that are highly skilled and many of whom studied in the US. The facilities are usually state of the art and you won’t see any reduction in terms of the quality of the care even considering the low costs. 

2 – The cost of living

Besides the low cost of healthcare services, the housing also costs a fraction of what it can cost for similar properties in the US and Canada. In fact, Mexican housing near the beach is such a great deal that many of them are being bought up quickly.  

You can live in a villa in a spectacular area of the country that would simply be out of reach for most retirees that stay in the US.

Then the food is fresh and delicious as well as being affordable and accessible. Even eating out in restaurants will keep you on budget for being so cheap. 

Transportation is also very cheap so if you prefer to not drive, buses and taxes will get you just about everywhere for less than what you would pay to keep and maintain a car. 

3 – The weather 

Though the climate changes considerably depending on where in the country you end up, the weather is invariably warm and comfortable year-round. Since it does vary, you can decide which type of climate suits you best and go from there. If you like dry heat, then the desert area to the North is for you. If you like tropical, then the Southern end of Mexico will give you what you are looking for. 

It can be quite hot, however, in any area during the summer. Make sure to pick a place that gets sea breezes and has air conditioning if you are sensitive to the heat. 

4 – Active lifestyle

Because of the warm weather you have year-round access to outdoor activities. If you like to swim, hike or bike then you can live a very active lifestyle and enjoy your retirement on the go. 

Travel is also accessible to other parts of Mexico easily and going to South America is also quick and cheap.