SQL Database Administration Management Expert Consulting Partnership Announced

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Soaring Eagle Database Consulting and SQL Governor have announced a partnership to support modernization of data platforms, migration to the cloud, and reduction in costs and carbon footprint.

Soaring Eagle Database Consulting and SQL Governor have announced a partnership that will combine proprietary database reporting with performance and capacity optimization. The aim is to reduce business hardware, software and resource expenses for large databases.

Further information is available at https://soaringeagle.biz/soaring-eagle-sql-governor-are-here-to-save-you-money

The announcement marks a novel business coordination in relational database management. The effort focuses on the heavily regulated sectors of healthcare and financial services in which Soaring Eagle specializes as a remote database managed services provider.

The Microsoft SQL server is widely used in the computer and IT industry as well as in healthcare and finance, primarily in the U.S. according to Enlyft. About 200,000 companies use this type of server to store and retrieve data.

Businesses rely on and invest heavily in the accuracy and security of data in operations, decision making, and compliance. To perform well, data and systems must be maintained properly. As a result, companies use software applications to track, diagnose, and address data issues.

Depending on the sophistication of those tools, they can contribute to reducing software and hardware costs as well as personnel resource requirements.

With database management and related technology handled in an efficient and scalable architecture, the organization’s developers can concentrate on other priorities including growing the business.

The coordinated partnership of Soaring Eagle Database Consulting and SQL Governor provides assessment, advisory, monitoring, mitigation and life cycle management services aimed at performance improvement, and risk and cost reduction.

Soaring Eagle brings its proprietary Flight remote database reporting system and consulting services. SQL Governor contributes its advanced software for Microsoft SQL server performance monitoring, optimization, and capacity forecasting in a secure, scalable, agentless architecture.

Specific services include comprehensive database evaluation to identify and fix issues impeding performance. The partner firms will manage and protect data, optimize design and performance, support migration to cloud computing, and minimize carbon footprint.

“Your customers and employees rely on the information pulled from your databases to be correct 100 percent of the time, no matter the time of day,” said Soaring Eagle CEO Jeff Garbus. “We provide core services that make sure you don’t let them down.”

Details can be found at https://soaringeagle.biz