More Studies Highlight the Dangerous Chemicals in Processed Meat

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( — March 24, 2021) Orlando, FL — As the rates of chronic diseases continue to soar, more and more experts are studying on the factors that contribute to the onset of these medical conditions.

Study findings reveal that food preferences play a significant role in disease protection or development.

Scientists have time and again recommended reducing intake of foods containing harmful substances. These include processed meat, which is undeniably a favorite, especially in the Western world. 

There are many varieties to choose from, such as salami, hotdogs, sausages, ham, cured bacon, corned beef, canned meat, dried meat, and salted meat. 

While these foods are usually delicious, they are reputed to be bad for health. The way meat is processed, aside from having dangerous ingredients, is also one reason why it is extremely unhealthy. 

These particularly include meat smoking, which is considered to be one of the oldest preservation methods that usually involve salting or drying. 

Such a method has been found to trigger the formation of potentially harmful substances, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). 

These are a large class of substances that form from burning an organic matter. They are usually transferred into the air with smoke and build up on the surface of the smoked meat products. These particularly include grilled, roasted, or barbecued meat over an open fire. 

PAHs can form from burning charcoal or wood, dripping fat that burns on a hot surface, or from charred or burnt meat. In numerous research studies involving animals, it has been found that some PAHs can trigger the onset of cancer.

Scientists continue to research on the impacts of chemicals and toxins in processed meat to overall health. It is highly advised to minimize intake of these foods and eat more fruits and vegetables. This could be extremely helpful in warding off diseases and disorders linked with toxins. 

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