Scripps Ranch CA Chiropractor Migraine And Headache Relief Treatments Updated

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Serving patients across Scripps Ranch, Mira Mesa, and North San Diego, Best Life Chiropractic updated its services to offer chiropractic treatments for long-term migraine and headache relief.

Best Life Chiropractic, based in San Diego, California, has updated its treatment services for chronic migraines and headaches. Led by leading San Diego chiropractor Dr. Gerald Palmes, the chiropractic treatment offers patients a natural solution for long-term pain relief.

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Dr. Palmes specializes in natural treatment for chronic migraine and headache relief. With chiropractic treatment, he gets to the root of the problem, identifies migraine or headache triggers, and helps alleviate the pain.

By treating the source of the chronic pain, the therapy helps improve quality of sleep and overall well-being for patients in the long run. As the patient shows improvement, it is followed up with exercise and lifestyle recommendations to keep the body functioning optimally.

Migraines and headaches can often be caused by compromised nerve flow to the upper neck. This is due to misaligned segments of the spine that irritate the nervous system. By correcting this misalignment through chiropractic adjustments, the upper neck issues are fixed. This eliminates the cause of the migraines and headaches.

Chiropractic treatment can also be sought out for more serious head traumas, neck pain and lower back pain. Best Life Chiropractic serves patients in Scripps Ranch, Mira Mesa and the rest of San Diego.

During the consultation, Dr. Palmes will evaluate the patient’s current conditions and health history to deem if their symptoms can be corrected through chiropractic care. The patient will undergo functional neural testing to evaluate how efficiently the nervous system is working. This will be followed by a specialized motion X-ray if there is a need to further pinpoint the cause of the problem.

After the full evaluation, Dr. Palmes will review the X-rays and test results, identify the issue, and review the plan to correct the problem. The first chiropractic adjustment is done on this visit.

Dr. Palmes is a top-rated chiropractor, held in high esteem by both his peers and patients. He was voted Top Chiropractor of the Year 2020 by ChiroSushi, a chiropractic-focused media company.

His chiropractic center also offers treatment for car accident-related injuries, whiplash, shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain and sports-related joint pain. Special chiropractic care is also provided for pregnant women and children. For more on Dr. Palmes’ expertise, visit

A satisfied patient said: “I usually would go get massages but the headaches and soreness just never went away permanently. Dr. Palmes has been great. He is a great listener and really analyzes your situation to find a real solution. I’m one-third through the treatment, and the headaches are gone. I’ve been sleeping well.”

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