Top 10 Binge Worthy Horror Podcasts Creator Focused Show List Released

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The expert curators at Vurbl, an online audio-streaming platform, have released their list of the top 10 most binge-worthy horror podcasts for listeners to enjoy.

Online audio streaming platform Vurbl has released a list of their carefully curated top 10 most binge-worthy horror podcasts.

The list is available at

The expert curators of the site put together this summary for listeners looking for the best horror thrills available.

Podcasts have become increasingly popular over the past few years, with 55% of Americans having listened to a podcast at least once in their life. One area that has proven especially popular is horror and true crime. Vurbl’s list is there to help customers pick the best horror podcasts available to stream on their service.

The top-rated podcast on the list is ‘The Q Files’, where the hosts travel around the United States interviewing people in an attempt to uncover the truth behind real-life paranormal tales. Other podcasts included are ‘The No Sleep Podcast’, ‘LORE’, and ‘The Black Tapes’.

Created and launched in 2020, the diverse streaming platform has a wide collection of podcasts covering a range of different topics, with expert curators that have conducted hundreds of reviews and created binge-worthy stations to suit any audience.

Vurbl is a platform for all types of audio as well as podcasts and contains 20 million audio files. This includes radio, music, audiobooks, and more. Listeners can browse through over 40 categories including ASMR, comedy, science, mental health, poetry, and spirituality to find whatever they are interested in.

Vurbl is focused on putting the content creators first and prioritizing the artists, allowing anyone to create their own station, increase their audience and monetize their work. Creators can access data and gain awareness of their following, link the site to their YouTube channel, and earn revenue every time their audio is played.

The developers of Vurbl pride themselves on creating a platform with millions of audio files all in one place, saving listeners valuable time, instead of tirelessly searching the internet. It has been likened to ‘the YouTube of audio files.’

Audra Gold, CEO of Vurbl, stated that: “it’s really flexible, and as a creator, it’s a much more intimate way of connecting with your audience”.

Interested readers can view the list of acclaimed horror podcasts and browse the audio available at the above-mentioned website.