Top Trends in Outdoor Dining Design & Decor

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( — March 18, 2021) — 

Now that the official arrival of spring has passed, Americans are eager to participate in the time-honored tradition of dining outdoors. The amount of available space does not seem to matter nearly as much as the creativity people use in preparing it for outdoor grilling season. Whether people own or rent their home, the first decision they face is choosing the ideal location for their outdoor dining area.

How to Pick the Best Place to Dine Outdoors

Renters often have to limit themselves to a deck or patio when it comes to cooking and eating outside, but not always. Some multi-family properties have a common area or enough of a yard that residents can stake out a spot there for their outdoor dining adventures.

Homeowners who have more available space want to pick a spot that they can design around their lifestyle. Those who entertain often should select a large table with enough seating for their expected guests. At the other end of the spectrum is people who only intent to invite their immediate family or a few close friends. The biggest consideration is making sure that guests have enough room to come and go freely from the table.

Setting up the outdoor dining area in close proximity to the indoor kitchen is a practical move. This setup also allows easy access to a restroom for hosts and guests. In consideration of neighbors, the outdoor dining area should not spill over onto anyone else’s property. People hosting dinner parties should be mindful of keeping noise to a minimum as well.

Ideas for Outdoor Dining Sets

One benefit of choosing a new outdoor dining set this time of year is that retailers are just releasing their spring collections with many new options available. Here are just three ideas people may want to try.

  • Accessorize with hanging lamps: Setting up an outdoor dining area underneath a tree provides the advantage of shade on the hottest summer days. Trees also give outdoor dinner party hosts the option of hanging decorative lamps from the branches to provide a whimsical touch to the event.
  • Bright and modern décor: Although tables and chairs are functional parts of an outdoor dining set, they do not need to be boring. Pairing brightly-colored chairs utilizing a modern design with a long table in a traditional dark color can make a beautiful contrast. This is especially true if the tables and chairs are next to an outdoor space with walls.
  • Wicker chairs and a small circular table: When limited space is an issue, placing a small circular table in the center of the available space is one possible option. Wicker chairs with rattan cushioning invite people to relax and enjoy each other’s company outdoors.

Keep These Decorating Tips in Mind

Although mixing multiple types of outdoor furniture materials is fine, professional decorators typically recommend limiting the choices to no more than three materials. This tip helps to provide balance to the overall décor.

Another popular home decorating tip is to use the 80/20 rule, which can apply either indoors or outdoors. When applying the 80/20 rule, people choose a dominant decorating style that makes up 80 percent of the overall look and a secondary style for the remaining 20 percent. The result is a balanced, inviting outdoor dining area that hosts and guests alike will enjoy using.